InVideo free editing service for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

There are countless programs and applications for video editing. All this is accompanied by the fact that you need to choose the right application for the task, so that it was free or did not cost much, install, configure, understand how it works and after all this agony still make a small video. Now I will tell you about the method I use when I need to quickly, reliably and, most importantly, for free to mount a short informative video.

In order not to stretch the pleasure, we will talk about the service InVideo. The service allows you to Make a video onlineн, mount different videos, for social networks, different formats, and much more. What's more interesting, the service has just an infinite number of templates (examples), which can be taken as the basis of your video and change to your liking, changing the text, music, special effects. And all of this without installing it on your computer, just online. 

How to start editing videos in InVideo

For starters - go to the service: invideo.io 

Sign up. It's free. 

InVideo free editing service for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

The first screen welcomes you with a fan of templates you can choose from to start making your own videos: the Pre-made Templates section. It contains over 4k great examples. The section is searchable and sortable by video application.

The second section is a text overlay on a video (yours) in any format. 

InVideo free editing service for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

And the third section is an empty template where you can do whatever you want. I recommend its use only by experienced professionals who know exactly what they want. 


The functionality inside is very simple and intuitive. It is quite comparable with the best "big" representatives, which you have to install on your computer.

InVideo free editing service for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

  • You can add a layer of text or overlay music in any place,
  • There are complete tracks, and you can add your own special effects to each one,
  • A huge library of free music that won't get you banned from YouTube,
  • any element of the video can be changed,
  • And it all works without lags, brakes and unnecessary installations on the computer. 

Advantages of InVideo over other video editors

  1. First of all, independence from the hardware of the computer, from the broken or unbroken version of the program, from the knowledge of the program. Here everything is done on the side of the service and to start need only a good Internet and any computer that does not slow down because of serchings in the network.
  2. The second is that it is free. I will not hide that the service has paid parts - these are selected templates, some functionality. But the basics, and what's more, almost all of the top functionality is free.
  3. The service is very simple and intuitive. Even a child can figure it out. Difficulties may arise only for those who generally first sat down to edit a video, but it seems to me that such people remained in the Mesozoic. Otherwise, everything is quite clear and simple.

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