Applications for video processing on the iPhone

Free video editing apps, video editing on iPhone

If previously it was only possible to process, edit and edit videos on computers, now it's possible to do it on phones as well. Below we offer a list of the best applications for video editing on iPhone and iPad. In the latter case, video editing will be easier, simply because the working part of the screen will be many times larger. I should note right away that this is far from being a complete list of video editing apps, but it's definitely one of the best for video editing on iPhone.

Video editing apps on iPhone

Pinnacle Studio Pro

Download Pinnacle Studio Pro (cost $12.99)

video editing on iPhone

Those who are fond of video processing and video editing already know about the program Pinnacle Studio Pro for the computer, and now it appeared on iOS. By the way, the program for video editing is still considered the most powerful and diverse in terms of features. The main advantages of the program are:

  •         more than 16 transitions;
  •         3D animation;
  •         the ability to insert titles;
  •         Picture-in-picture feature;
  •         video slowdown;
  •         edit the audio and attach the desired effects.

It is also important that the application is easy to use, even if you were not previously a master of editing. But we should also note the poor quality of the latest versions of the application - the constant crashes, the inability to load saved videos and other errors have led to the rating of Pinnacle Studio Pro to a "glorious" 2.5 points on the AppStore. You should agree that this is quite disappointing.

We put this app here intentionally so that you can see that paid apps are not always better than free ones.

Adobe Premiere Clip - video editing classics

Download Adobe Premiere Clip free from the AppStore.

Adobe Premiere Clip - video editing apps for iPhone

The main feature of the Adobe Premiere Clip application is the ability to move clips into Premiere Pro CC on your computer or Mac for further work with them. That's why many professionals use this program as an add-on. The main pluses of the application are:

  •         editing video from photos on your gadget;
  •         audio and video synchronization;
  •         various functions for mounting;
  •         transitions and video effects;
  •         publishing in accounts.

Most often a video editing program is used to prepare a project, and the rest of the work is done on the computer. 

What scares me a bit is the rating in the same AppStore. Only 3 stars. But the app is free, so it's worth at least a try, you can always delete it.

iMovie is the default video processing app

Standard application iMovie for iOS, available immediately after you purchase your iPhone.

iMovie is a standard iOS video processing app

The iMovie application is a development of Apple, which is free for all iPhone and iPad users, as well as a special version for Mac. Working with the application for video editing and processing has a number of advantages:

  •         cutting and mixing of individual photos and video clips;
  •         overlay filters;
  •         more than 50 preset templates for creating mini clips.

iMovie is not a professional application and not always easy to use, but for the novice operator quite will do. I use it myself, but for very simple manipulations - slicing video into the necessary pieces and the subsequent pasting and saving it to mp4.

I would recommend this application to all newcomers. It is from this app you can and should master video editing. It turns out very cool family videos that will keep your travels, family games and other cool moments for a long time. I definitely recommend it.

Splice is probably the best app for editing

Download Splice free from the AppStore.

Splice - video editing software for iPhone

The Splice video editing app is the most convenient among other photo editing apps for mobile devices. With it you can cut the necessary fragments, stitch them together, add effects and music, change the resolution and insert subtitles.

It's worth noting that the app is constantly being improved, so new features and effects are added all the time. Maybe it's because the creators of the app are the creators of the GoPro camera. Who better than them to know what is important in video editing. This app can safely be taken to the clipboard, after realizing that iMovie has outgrown and its functionality is not enough.

Magisto - easy and convenient for editing videos on iPhone

Download Magisto free from the AppStore.

Free video editing apps, video editing on iPhone

The Magisto app is versatile and simple because the user doesn't have to choose filters, add effects, or edit the video himself. You need to choose the content and themes, and the program will do the editing and mixing by itself. Although you shouldn't expect any extravagances or special graphics. You know, robots are not so smart.) But for those who don't want to bother, it's the best. 

Each video editing application is good in its own way, you just have to decide on the purpose and the necessary settings. And the tips and simplicity of the programs will allow you to learn how to edit professionally right away.

It is worth noting that a number of features in Magisto will be paid, so if you want to use the application to its full potential, you will have to pay a lot. A minimum monthly subscription costs just $4.


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