Simplenote is a free alternative to Google Keep and Notes

We are in a constant flow of information. Keeping everything in your head is simply unrealistic. We need to constantly dump information somewhere, write it down, record it, to free our head for new information, new ideas and thoughts. This is how note-taking apps came about. Light, simple, heavy, every app is good, but today we will talk about Simplenote, a minimalistic and simple note taking app. Its name says it all: SimpleNotes.

Download App Simplenote for iPhone) or switch to website and find the right version.

Review of the Simplenote note-taking app

Review of the Simplenote note-taking app

  • The app is available for all phones (iOS, Android), Mac, Windows, Linux, Web;
  • The synchronization works perfectly;
  • Simple and concise, nothing superfluous, just the way I like it;
  • You can work on the notes together;
  • Putting it on the Internet in 2 clicks, e.g.;
  • Send by mail or other services;
  • There are light and dark themes;
  • There are tags to manage your notes.

Personal impressions of using Simplenote

First of all, it is very light, loads quickly and works without brakes. Synchronization works perfectly, I checked, as soon as I changed something on the phone, it was immediately changed on the Mac. This is a good thing.

Secondly, its design is very concise and simple. No unnecessary details or functions. Only useful functionality and excellent usability and design quality. Writing in it is a pleasure.

The tags work just like in any other similar application. The only thing that stands out is BearThis is really useful if the project has subprojects or subcategories.

Using Simplenote to store absolutely all notes is wrong, there is Evernote or the same Keep for that. I use it to create notes for Telegram. It's handy, it understands the Markdown markup that Telegram uses, though they have differences in this markup.

But using it to store your thoughts, ideas, short notes, or essays is ideal. Because its most important difference from competitors is that you can work together (it is implemented in Keep as well) and create a one-touch publication on the Internet, on the Simplenote site. This is a really cool and handy thing if you need to share your record with someone.

In general, the application remains in my favorites. Let's see how it performs in the future.


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