Bear - the best beautiful app for creating beautiful notes and recordings

Bear - the best app for creating beautiful notes and notes

Is there an alternative to the cumbersome and clumsy Evernote? Of course there is. There already is. For Apple users, with the latest iOS 10 operating system, there is Notes, which added support for photos, lists, pages, and more. For fans of cross-platform and functionality, a great solution would be Keep from Google. But we'll take a look at a brand new app, Bear, the best app for creating beautiful notes and notes for iPhone and Mac. The Bear app is for those who love style, simplicity, beauty and want to focus solely on writing. Let's take it one step at a time.Bear - the best beautiful app for creating beautiful notes and recordings

Creating beautiful notes with Bear

Download free notes app Bear from the Appstore.The first emotion that arises when you start the application - stylish as, simple and stylish. The app is really created by people who understand the sense of beauty and convenience. The app was created for people who like to write, take notes, and do it a lot. Like most note-taking apps, it consists of three parts: a sidebar on the left, a list of notes and the editor itself. The Bear app is free. But there are paid interesting things, such as themes. There are 8 design themes, and curiously, 7 of them are dark themes. In all, there are 9 themes in the application: 2 light themes (including the default one) and 7 dark themes (see the screenshot for an example). Payments are required monthly or yearly, $1.49 or $14.99 respectively.The notes are synced via the cloud and are available on different devices. What's nice, the app is available for iPhone and Mac.Bear - the best beautiful app for creating beautiful notes and recordings

How do I organize my notes in Bear?

The basic organization of notes in Bear is tags. A tag is a kind of "folder" that displays all notes with that tag. And there can be multiple tags in one note, which means your note can be in multiple folders. For example, you wrote 2 notes with the tag #film and # better and #film and #see. So on the left side of the screen, in folders, you will find 3 folders: #film, #see, and #best. The first tab will have 2 movie entries, the second will have one to watch, and the third will have something better. In my opinion, a great system.There is also an internal relinking between entries. This is done with the entry:[[Note Title]], where Note Title is the title of the other note you're linking to. It's a great way to organize something like a wiki inside notes, understandable only to you the structure of transitions and knowledge.Bear - the best beautiful app for creating beautiful notes and recordings

Advantages of the Bear app over other note-taking apps

  • Advanced markup editor that supports more than 20 programming languages
  • Preview while recording a note. You see the end result, not the note's code
  • Support for adding images and photos
  • Using Cross-Note Links to quickly move from note to note
  • Quickly add ToDo lists to individual records
  • 9 different themes for every taste
  • Multiple export options, including HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG and more
  • Smart recognition of items such as links, emails, addresses, colors, etc.
  • Using Hashtags to quickly find and organize your notes
  • Focus mode hides unnecessary things to concentrate on recording when needed
  • All notes are stored as plain text for maximum portability
  • Effortless, secure and private synchronization of multiple devices using ICloud
  • Regular updates

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