Tips and tricks for playing Battle Bay

Battle Bay - ship battles - sea evil beautiful new WoT

The company Rovio finally came out of the "Angry Birds" image and introduced a brand new game Battle Bay - it is an online multiplayer mode, similar to WoT. It is necessary to fight on the water or sea field 5x5, driving motorboats, equipped with weapons, torpedoes, nitro, retarders and other things. The game is really addictive. Try it and you will not regret it, and we'll understand in detail and give a couple of tips on the game in Battle Bay.

How do I choose a ship in Battle Bay? Which ship is better?

How Choose your weapon in Battle Bay? Which gun is better?

Download Battle Bay in Russian for free for iPhone, for Android.

Watch the Battle Bay intro video for starters

Battle Bay game: how to play and the chips

Those who have played World of Tank at least once can immediately imagine what this game is about. The essence is very simple - to win a sea battle. You appear in the arena as part of a team of five ships, against the same five. The goal is to kill them all.

battle bay shooter

You start out with one ship, the Shooter. This is a versatile ship, which has an average performance for damage, movement speed, turret rotation and reloading. There are 5 types of ships in the game, and their names speak for themselves:

  • Shooter
  • Speeder
  • Enforcer
  • Defender
  • Fixer

Each ship can be equipped with different weapons:

  • Weapons (guns, grenades, torpedoes) - red slot
  • Armor - (shield, armor repair, turret rotation acceleration) - blue slot
  • Healing - (repairing allied ships) - green slot
  • Perks - (slows opponents, stuns, protects from slowing down) - yellow slot

Be careful, inventory can take up 1 or 2 slots. This is important, especially in the beginning.

Also in the game you can hire captains, which are different in their characteristics. Each of them has a branch of their skills and characteristics. Develop your captains as the weapons on the ship will be used. For example, I'm currently developing captain Bhurt for the Defender ship and the "cannons" weapon. My Defender shoots almost non-stop with cannons, I don't see the point of filling with some big guns like mortar.

Battle Bay - ship battles - sea evil beautiful new WoT


In the game you can collect splinters to be able to assemble equipment from them. They are as simple as any other game.

Currency is also simple: sugar and gold. For gold we buy ships, splinters, weapons and other equipment. With sugar we can train our captains.

The game is full of all sorts of rankings, it's interesting and fun to watch. There are seasons, prizes, gifts.

I'll conclude with a few tricks and tips.

Tips and tricks for playing Battle Bay

Tips and tricks for playing Battle Bay

  1. It is not always necessary to swim into the thick of it - you can shoot enemies from a distance. The only problem is the speeders, but you should try to shoot them down on approach.
  2. It is possible to get a "bag" of gifts for the stars. Stars are received as a score for our game in the battle. Recommendation - do not buy immediately. Raise your level as high as possible and then open it. The higher your level, the more diverse and pleasant the reward falls.
  3. Do not accumulate a lot of gold - buy spare parts. Usually green or blue. The gray ones get quite a lot when sprayed.
  4. Don't forget to spray "gray" equipment.
  5. Another weapon or equipment of any level is required for evolution.
  6. Up to level 15-20 use the green stuff, after develop the blue.
  7. Increase your hold, that's fine. Up to about 30 cells.
  8. Do not buy weapons in the store. Everything you need will fall out of the pouches.
  9. A variation of this equipment showed itself well: cannon, sniper cannon (both green) and standart shield (blue) on the ship Defender.
  10. Do not forget to look at the minicard in the upper left corner. Sometimes it gives you an idea of where the enemies are.
  11. "Spooks" work the same way as in WoT - they are successfully implemented by the Speeders. Often it is not necessary, the enemies themselves are going to the firing squad 🙂
  12. Purple equipment or weapons may fall from any chest.

Advice on weapons and evolution in Battle Bay

Kamka green weapon is only at the beginning, and then if the sugar "burns" (full compartment). But so at the very beginning of the game should buy up blue pieces and wait for level 13 (about 5-10 days slow game) there will be a bay at 350t. gold and buy in the store to pay extra 400 pearls, blue Cannon the first (attention, the second will get the same for 100 battles, regardless of lost / won).

At level 14 compartment of money is already 500t, level 15 - 750 000. Also, if the chests of free did not fall out, then it is worth buying additional payment pearls, rare BLUE: Sniper Cannon (sniper) and a couple of shields... they are versatile and always useful. Otherwise you'll be stuck in a dead end without a second gun of the same kind, without evolution (it can fall out in a month).

Just as pointless to pump in the beginning, with limited resources, purple things, until you fall out the same duplicate.

What you get stars for in Battle Bay

  • 1 star - victory.
  • 2 stars - the average efficiency of the team.
  • 3 stars - more than twice the team's average efficiency.
[Efficiency is not only based on damage dealt (capturing a point, treating allies...); finishing off enemies does not add efficiency points].

That's all for now. If you have any tips of your own, add them in the comments. We'll be happy to update the article with your tips.

And be added to the game: nickname apps4.life

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