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Battle Bay: How do I choose my weapon? Sniper, rockets, torpedoes, flamethrower?

Continuing to reveal secrets and give tips on the game Battle Bay. Today we are discussing weapons for Battle Bay. Be warned that this guide is not static, and I will be updating it with new findings and ideas about the use of different types of weapons in the game. As of today, there are different types of weapons available in the game. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, weapons can and will be different depending on on which ship you prefer to fight. There are also certain restrictions imposed by the map - for example, mortar will not be effective on every map, and only in open spaces.

How do you choose the best ship?

Battle Bay Game Review and a Little tips for beginners.

Battle Bay: How do I choose my weapon? Sniper, rockets, torpedoes, flamethrower?

In general, let's figure out which weapon is most effective in this or that situation, which weapon is the coolest in the game. There are 19 different weapons in the game right now. Let's focus on each of them.

Battle Bay: all weapons in the game

Cannon is one of the easiest and most effective weapons, especially early on. It does pretty decent damage, reloads quickly (5 seconds) and hits at medium range. Great for finishing off or shooting your melee enemies, as an auxiliary weapon to fill up the time while the main weapon is reloading.

Blast Cannon - An upgraded Cannon, which does much more damage, but hits at an even shorter distance and the projectile flies slower. It also takes even longer to reload. It can be in the arsenal on the ship as an auxiliary weapon.

Sniper Cannon - is already a more serious cannon. It shoots at a considerable distance, with high damage and projectile speed. Sniper loses to Blast Cannon in terms of damage, but gains due to its range, probability of critical damage and faster reload time. It can be used as an auxiliary or primary weapon.

Explosive Cannon - A mini "nuclear" weapon on the battlefield. Has a huge amount of damage, as well as damages the ships near the target. Has a huge amount of damage, but very slow and with a long reload time. Can be used only as a secondary auxiliary weapon.

Carronade - A rather interesting melee weapon that is very effective at close range, releasing 4 small projectiles that tear the enemy apart. Each projectile does a small amount of damage, but the combined damage is significant. It can be used as a main weapon, but only on those ships that can get close enough to the enemy - the Speeder. It can also be used as an auxiliary weapon at the end of the match when the ships are quite close to each other.

Grenade Launcher - quite interesting weapon, but with a big disadvantage - a painful reload time, so it can not be used as a primary weapon. Grenades are very good at medium range, they set the enemy on fire for 5 seconds, doing significant damage. Good!

Standard Mortar - Many people like mortars. They do area damage and have a fairly high range and kill range. The main disadvantage of mortars is that the enemy can swim out of range and the projectile, which should fly in an arc, and therefore on maps with "low ceilings" is not as effective. In any case, it is a good weapon.

Long Range Mortar - the same mortar, only with a longer range. But note, the damage is reduced, and if so, such a weapon is denied. Even as an auxiliary weapon. I would not use such a weapon, there are more worthy weapons.

Ballpark Mortar - Again, compared to the standard mortar, it has lower damage, but a larger kill area. It has the right to life, but for my taste, the standard mortar wins so far. The important thing to understand here is that we're comparing weapons of the same color. If you compare Ballpark Mortar purple (which I got) and Standard Mortar (green, I didn't get the blue one), the choice is definitely in favor of the first one, simply because it has much more damage for the same level.

Big Bertha - The "big bertha" is great as an additional weapon. Excellent damage, huge kill area. Perfecto, as the Spanish say. The only downside is the need for 2 weapon slots at first level. With that condition, it's definitely not a weapon for green beginners.

Big Torpedo - A great weapon, with a long reload time. I can hardly call it a main weapon, all because of the reload time. Tons of damage, but the ship can easily dodge, the reload is long and the torpedo is very slow. Although if you hit it, you hit it - half the health of the ship is gone.

Swift Torpedo - A fast version of the torpedo with a lower reload value, but also a lower damage value. This weapon requires only 1 compartment, so it is quite and immediately can be used by beginners. For my taste, this is a good weapon that hits the target quite often.

Triple Torpedo - launches three torpedoes at once, each of which does decent damage. And the damage depends on how far away you are from the target. This is spoiled by the long reload time and the 2 weapon slots needed at the beginning. Not our choice.

Railgun - the perfect secondary weapon, in my opinion. And usually hits the target, as it has a high rate of outfit, but a very long reload time - 20 seconds, that's a lot. Also it requires 2 slots in the beginning, but then you can (should) use it to finish off enemies and on ships like the Speeder.

Missile Launcher - Launches three medium area rockets with moderate damage. Reload time is pretty good, but not low enough to use this weapon often, much less as a primary weapon. Probably not bad for the initial stages of the game, but definitely not so much as the opponents become more experienced.

Mine - does a lot of damage. The main problem with mines is that they are visible as soon as you throw them into the water. But it can well be used as a secondary weapon when you cleave between enemies or use mines in tunnels.

Flare Gun - A rather interesting weapon that does damage over time - it sets the enemy on fire. The initial damage is laughable, but can do more damage over time. Reload time is short, so if used intelligently, you can burn everyone around you 🙂

Napalm Launcher - Weapon is difficult to use, like the same mines. It sets fire to the water in a certain area and damages only those who pass or stand in that area. The area is very visible, so it is not difficult to swim out of it. Damage is not bad, but there are better options with weapons.

Fire Bomb - is a kind of improved Attack Launcher, only it shoots at the target instead of the area. It does less damage and has less time to reload. Only this does not make it the main weapon, maybe sometimes, and even then, as an additional weapon.


We have reviewed all the types and types of weapons in the game Battle Bay, but I'm sure there are still questions. Below you will read about weapons tips and our own recommendations - what is the best weapon in the game Battle Bay.

What are the best weapons in Battle Bay?

I agree, it's pretty hard to choose the best weapon among 19 pieces. Moreover, one should take into account on which ship you swim and what role you have, on the current map. I've seen many people in the game have great success with Flare Gun, while others enjoy using different types of Mortar. Many use torpedoes for their tremendous damage, and the ability to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

I have a slightly different approach. By the way, I used purple Ballpark Mortar - not bad, but it's pretty hard to aim from the phone and a lot of restrictions on the map. So, most of the time I use Cannon. And I ride Shooter and Fixer, I have to move the blue gun back and forth. In general, you can even use two Cannon, if the slots allow, but I have a little different - Cannon and two Sniper Cannon, as a primary weapon. Why is the Cannon a good best weapon? Yes, it has pretty average damage and average range, but its main quality is a fast reload. Just imagine that you answer with 2-3-4 shots to one volley of the enemy. That's a big advantage.

As I said before, it's based on my own experience and opinion. And the game is too diverse to follow any rules or dogmas. Any weapon can be used effectively, the only question is who uses it and how. And don't forget to write in the comments your impressions and feedback on the use of this or that weapon.

By the way, do not forget that with weapons you can use nice perks that increase the parameters of the weapon. And also the weapon is cool to use in conjunction with the equipment for the yellow slots - to freeze or "shock" the enemy and already in the immovable release a clip.

Tab. Amount of material and gold for green/blue/epic weapon upgrades

Tab. Amount of material and gold for green/blue/epic weapon upgrades

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