Battle Bay: How do I choose my ship? Shooter, Speeder, Enforcer, Defender or Fixer?

Battle Bay: How do I choose my ship? Shooter, Speeder, Enforcer, Defender or Fixer?

Battle Bay was released just a couple of weeks ago, but it's already a hit. At the time of writing, the game is being played by over a million people. But I suspect that number is several times higher. Up to 5 million players in a couple of weeks. What explains this phenomenon? It's simple. A relatively quick gaming session - around 10-20 minutes, and the battle itself - 5 minutes, interesting gameplay, varied gameplay, competition, and just already Tanks Everyone is sick of it :). We wrote a short review and gave some tips in previous articleIn this one we'll take apart the ships in Battle Bay. How do I choose a ship? What weapons and gear to use on each ship is our next article. Here we go!

What is the best weapon in the game? Which weapon to choose?

Ships in Battle Bay

There are 5 types of ships in the Battle Bay game:

  • Shooter
  • Speeder
  • Enforcer
  • Defender
  • Fixer

If you just started the game, you start with the Shooter ship and gradually open up, explore the others.

Each ship can be upgraded several times. Gold is used to upgrade. A lot of gold. With each level increases its speed, armor, turret speed, control of the ship. And also, most importantly, the cells for weapons and equipment increase.

Ships in Battle Bay

Now let's see which ship is better: Shooter, Speeder, Enforcer, Defender or Fixer? And before we answer, let's look at the technical characteristics of each of the ships.

How to choose a ship

All ships are shown with the specifications they have at level 1.

Ship Shooter in Battle Bay

Ship Shooter in Battle Bay

A starter ship that carries tons of weapons. I use 3 cannons on the second level. That's plenty for ships, which allows me to shoot enemies almost without pause. But at first level it only has 2 weapon slots and one for passive effect. I usually use armor or armor regeneration.

Other indicators of the Shooter are not so impressive, he is not so fast, turrets are clumsy. His main problem is his clumsiness in close combat. He's perfect when it comes to long-range combat. Again, with two sniper guns (or you can have three) I shoot the enemy on the approach and only gain less than 2000 damage on holidays.

The Speeder in Battle Bay

The Speeder in Battle Bay

I would call the speeder the exact opposite of the shooter. It's very easy to control, the turrets are very fast. Maneuverable and fast. But of course we have a few disadvantages: weak armor, only one weapon on board, one cell for passive equipment and one for the active.

Personally, I don't like the Speeder. Yes, it's fast, yes it's maneuverable. But you need a lot of finger dexterity to get close in close combat, and just one gun trying to kill the enemy. At the same time, you have to be constantly on the move so you don't get hit. It's exhausting. This ship is for real hardcore players.

I watched the tops in the game - there are people who play this ship. The main strategy is to get close, and through constant acceleration, do not let the opponent to aim at you. In essence - to spin around him in a whirlwind and shoot, shoot. No, not my choice.

The Enforcer in Battle Bay

The Enforcer in Battle Bay

The Enforcer is one of Rovio's best ships. They did well to come up with it. You could call this ship the "golden mean". It's got good speed, acceptable turret rotation speed, and maneuverability. Yes, at the initial level it has the same slots as the Speeder, but at the second level you can put 2 cannons and that is much more serious. It really is the best ship for aiming.

Again, at high levels he will prove himself.

The ship Defender in Battle Bay

The ship Defender in Battle Bay

Tons and tons of iron. This is what the Defenber is all about. Great armor, lots of life, two slots for weapons. Of course, it's not without its disadvantages: it's very slow and clumsy. It reminds me of a lighthouse - stand and shoot. But you know, due to the huge amount of armor, he can pull the whole fight.

What I want to point out. The Defender's entry-level ship has weapon slots marked 2. This means that almost any entry level weapon will go there (and usually you need 1 or 2). It's an advantage I rode around on until I upgraded to level 2 on the Shooter. There is also one passive slot for a shield or helmet.

Ship Fixer in Battle Bay

Ship Fixer in Battle Bay

I'm glad that the developers decided to add at least one snapper, the healer. Fixer is the only ship that can repair or heal other ships, including itself, for which the green slot is responsible. Only this ship has this slot. Often this overshoot makes a huge difference. If only the crew would not scatter who to where, as a rule, if kept together tightly, it is a guaranteed victory in the battle.

In addition, he can shoot 😉 as well as one passive slot for equipment. At the second level - there will be already two slots for passive. If handled skillfully, this ship solves battles.

Another strategy with Fixer, or better yet with two. From the start go to capture the point. Even if the enemy outnumbers you in weapons, you will still have time to capture the point and win the battle, thanks to the heal.

So still, what is the best ship in the game in Battle Bay?

My answer is evasive. All ships are more or less balanced, and each is necessary to play a certain role or style of game. For example, I enjoy playing as Shooter, the constantly rumbling weapons and a place in the top 1-2 in damage are appealing and pleasing to me. But there is a disadvantage, as soon as the opposing team starts playing teamwork, or the Speeder acts against me - it smells like kerosene, I just do not have time to aim at him. A lot of people are happy with the Enforcer, and I agree with them, but I wouldn't trade my 3 guns for a little more maneuverability and ease of control.

However, doing tasks in the game to heal teammates - I discovered Fixer. So even time passes, the mission is completed, and I get in the Hilyer and go to save my team. It's just as maneuverable and easy to use as the Enforcer, but it also helps the team heal (by the way, I use Repair Pulse to heal). I'm sure its value increases even more at higher levels.

Number and type of ship cells, depending on their ship's level of pumping

R - red slot, Y - yellow slot, B - blue slot, G - green slot. The number of letters is equal to the number of slots in the ship.


  • 1 - 2RR 1B
  • 2 - 4RRR 1B
  • 3 - 5RRR 2BB
  • 4 - 6RRRR 3BB
  • 5 - 7RRRRR 3BB
  • 6 - 8RRRRRR 4BBB


  • 1 - 1R 2Y 1B
  • 2 - 2R 2YY 1B
  • 3 - 2RR 3YY 2B
  • 4 - 3RR 3YY 2BB
  • 5 - 3RR 3YYY 3BB
  • 6 - 3RR 4YYY 4BBB


  • 1 - 1R 2Y 1B
  • 2 - 2RR 2Y 1B
  • 3 - 3RR 2YY 2B
  • 4 - 3RR 3YY 2BB
  • 5 - 3RRR 4YYY 2BB
  • 6 - 3RRR 5YYYY 3BB


  • 1 - 2RR 1B
  • 2 - 2RR 3BB
  • 3 - 3RR 4BBB
  • 4 - 4RR 5BBBB
  • 5 - 5RRR 5BBB
  • 6 - 5RRR 6BBBBB


  • 1 - 1R 2G 1B
  • 2 - 1R 1Y 2G 1B
  • 3 - 2R 1Y 3GG 1B
  • 4 - 2R 1Y 3GG 2BB
  • 5 - 2R 1Y 4GGGG 2BB
  • 6 - 3RR 1Y 5GGG 2BB

That's the whole story. Of course, everyone has their own style and preference in the game. Tell us which ship and why you use in Battle Bay? Share it in the comments.

May the power be with you!

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