Batman: The Enemy Within. Episode 2: What will we face this time?

Batman: The Enemy Within. Episode 2: What will we face this time?

Every fan of Batman movie could feel himself as a main character of the Batman: The Enemy Within game of the same name. Now the developers have pleased with gamers and released the second part, which was called "Pact" and is already available since October 3, 2017. The presentation took place for several types of devices at once: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android. It is accurate to say that the studio Telltale Games tried to develop the story of the main character, adding Harley Quinn to the story and placing the forces between her and the Joker in a new way.

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What's the new Batman: The Enemy Within about?

The second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within deals with the events, one year after the finale of the first part. Bruce tries to come to his senses after the truth about his parents, but suddenly a new enemy appears - the Enigma. The features of the new enemy include:

  • availability of a cane;
  • green shade in clothes;
  • riddles;
  • sadistic tendencies in the traps;
  • incredible injuries in the form of severed limbs at the end of the battle with the Enigma.

Also, the developers have not forgotten about the other heroes:

  • the old enemy Joker and his girlfriend Harley, whose fate changes depending on the decisions of the players;
  • Amanda Waller, who works for the government and hunts the Enigma. She is the one who will be in charge of assembling the Suicide Squad in the future, which is mentioned in the story.

But the main feature of the second episode is considered to be the focus on Bruce's own personality rather than his dark side. He will have to deal with the consequences of his decisions, rebuild his business and save the city in his true identity.

Battles and Equipment in Batman: The Enemy Within

Of the innovations in equipment and combat vision, our users have several upgrades:

  • The gloves have an anchor built into them, which works like a controlled claw. It is enough to point, select the target and the enemy will fly away for many kilometers;
  • the spectacularity of the battles,  Many are done in slo-mo style;
  • There is no tactical mode, so you can't change the surprise attack;
  • the possibility of choosing a method to disarm the offender;
  • conducting an investigation together with a detective;
  • the presence of a "death machine" into which the hero and the detective find themselves. And it is important to understand the mistakes in order to get out of there alive.

The essence of the tasks is to mark iconic places, to find a connecting line between them. But if earlier the events themselves were arranged chronologically, now you have to do it yourself.

Obvious mistakes. 

There are a few things that can't be overlooked:

  • The presence of only a couple of uncomplicated riddles;
  • The inhibition of the characters and the failures of Batman even in open terrain;
  • incorrect translation of phrases and inaccuracies.

Despite the setbacks, Episode II is exciting, vivid and dynamic. Players will have to delve deeper into the story of Bruce Wayne and try to fight the infernal machine of the new villain Enigma.

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