Bastion is a beautiful port of the popular Diabloide

Bastion is a beautiful port of the popular Diabloide

Blizzard said at the last BlizzCon 2019 that it continues to work on the mobile version of Diablo ImmortalBut so far it's difficult to give an exact release date. Given the fact that even Overwatch 2 is planned to show no earlier than the next event, we will have to wait for mobile Diablo for a very long time. Unfortunately, the App Store today has no analogues of the most popular hack-and-slash in the world, although the interface (and the power of devices) simply has no limitations. Perhaps this is the reason why Supergiant Games released a game called Bastion for mobile devices - and since it's now temporarily free, go install it!

Plot in Bastion

Once upon a time (in an alternate universe, of course) there was a Calamity in which most of the world was destroyed, leaving few places where humans could exist normally. But even in this state, humanity could not remain safe, because the global cataclysm caused a huge number of monsters to terrorize the remains of the former world.

The protagonist, whose name is Kid (and it's not even a name, but a character designation, like Guy or Kid), goes in search of Bastion, one of the few, if not the last, settlements that survived the Shoah.

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But the Bastion itself is also half-destroyed, and to revive it we need the recovery pieces that Malec finds in fights against hordes of monsters. We travel through a rather impressive location consisting of three zones - Ceylonia, the Undiscovered Wilds, and Ur.

In the process of exploring the area new NPCs appear and they dashingly twist the plot, and the denouement, though clichéd, will please many players. We won't tell anything about it, but those who are interested can always find it on the Internet, the game was released in 2011, and the PC-players already know everything.

Gameplay in Bastion

The developers positioned the product as the isometric action with the role-playing elements, that is the character enhancement is less important here than the gameplay, so the game cannot be called the usual classic "Diabloide". The protagonist is almost always in the center of the screen, and the location is "built up" around him, and you can really fall from the appearing out of nowhere slabs.

Although the game will still throw the main character back, so you don't have to worry about the fall. But for the state of health in combat - quite, because there are really a lot of enemies, and the combat system allows you to fight both close and far away, but your efficiency will depend more on the quality of weapon, than on the additional abilities.

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The control stick, but if you want you can set the navigation with taps (or rather, on the contrary, you can switch to joystick control).

Most of the time we will wander around the location and destroy enemies, not distracted from the main task - the search for recovery particles. However, there is no usual loot here - weapons and armor, apparently, lie in certain places and trigger certain action triggers.

Watch the gameplay video in action.

In addition to the usual auto-attack, there are also a number of skills that can be used in battle. Combat is simple - the main character has 3-4 swing variations, which alternate each other in the fight; the enemies do not attack until you yourself approach them at a certain distance.

Weapons have some peculiarities - for example, if you have a bow, you have to press the attack button and hold it for a while to prepare a shot, otherwise the shot will be so weak that it won't even do any damage. Guns need to be reloaded, and the hammer, understandably, has unlimited ammunition. You can change weapons in one click on the special button on the right, convenient, in general.

The developers came up with an interesting mechanic called "dynamic narration" - everything that happens on the screen is spoken through the voice of Rooks, a local NPC, who speaks in the voice of a certain Logan Cunningham. This "voice-over" comments on the player's actions, weapon choices or tactics, tells you where to go, and tries to explain the development of the story. It's an interesting find, but since there is no Russian voiceover, I don't get to enjoy it much. I am VERY reminiscent of the story game Max Pain, though there was a Russian voiceover, and the voice was from the Max himself, where he was investigating a murder.

How to download Bastion for free

Bastion is a beautiful port of the popular Diabloide

Right now Supergiant Games has arranged a little surprise - you can download the game for free, but for a limited time. In order to get the game for free, you need to download it from the AppStore. Play it for literally 5 minutes to get to the Bastion. And then, following the instructions of the game, you need to click on Unlock 0.00$ in the settings. There will be a purchase of the full version of the game for 0 money. We need to hurry, because we don't know when this promotion will end. Personally, I liked the game, I hope that I will be able to pass it to the end, the plot unfolds very interestingly.

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