Badland - king of mobile platformers

Badland - king of mobile platformers

Oddly enough, the best game of 2014 was a platformer about a flying head

In 2014, Frogmind Games released a platformer called Badland - a product that became another historical "pillar" of mobile game building. Despite the simple gameplay (which, to be honest, only seems so), the game itself is quite complex, but it is not appreciated for this, but for the picture - there were no such graphics at that time, and even five years later what is happening on the screen looks fresh and modern. Imagine what it was with ordinary users and sophisticated critics - the game was praised by everyone, including Apple, which named Badland the game of the year and awarded the Apple Design Award. Well, there's not enough time and space to list the awards the game won that year - we're exaggerating, of course, but Badland simply tore 2014 apart.

How to play BadLand

The protagonist in Badland looks specific - a head with wings, which the developers present as an inhabitant of a fairy-tale forest, trying to comprehend its mysteries. Well, and explore the area, of course, especially since the flora here (as well as fauna) hides something more than just light magic. The game is done in side-scroller style - the character lives in a two-dimensional world, moves traditionally from left to right and can only regulate the flight altitude. And the forest itself in the game is more of a formality, because it exists mostly on the backdrops, as well as sets the contours in which the protagonist moves: growing from below and above trees, snags and other vegetation create a kind of maze. Our task is to successfully overcome all the obstacles and move on to the next round. Which, as you can already assume, will be more difficult than the previous one.

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There are all kinds of obstacles in the labyrinth - turbines and propellers will prevent you from flying comfortably, and rocks and pieces of trees will periodically fall from above, trying to knock you down. Sometimes the labyrinth gets so narrow that it is almost impossible to fly in it; also you need to watch out for capsules that change the size of your character - the bigger it becomes, the harder it is to maneuver and, as a result, the chances of getting into a difficult situation increase. On some levels you will come across reproduction capsules - the number of protagonists increases manifold, and all of them must be managed as a single organism. Most of these clones will be mauled in the first cog, but it is enough to have at least one "flying head" to complete the level.

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Modes in BadLand

The game offers several modes - single-player (campaign) and cooperative mode (as well as "against everyone"). With the single-player game everything is clear - pass the campaign with a huge number of levels and quests, disappear to different places and enjoy the exterior. Collaborative play allows you to play on one device to several people - or you pass the entire game at once, or everyone plays for himself, and in this case the location is divided into 2 parts to complicate the process. You can play this only on a tablet - 4 fingers, methodically pounding on the smartphone screen, will greatly interfere with each other.

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BadLand analogues

Badland is a perfect mix of Limbo, Agario and Flappy Bird - an adventure of a nonexistent character in a nonexistent world, but the game is made amazingly. The controls are perfect - just one finger is enough to flap your wings, and onetap games were just beginning to set the trend back then. The picture is incredible - very beautiful, futuristic, impossible, but also bright and just luxurious. We don't know what skills you have to draw such backgrounds with such color combinations, but the developers managed to create an atmosphere of mysterious fairy-tale. Accessibility (the game costs 29 rubles) is another plus for Badland. In short, it's a very cool game to play, even if it seems "old" to you. Although for many people it is already a classic mobile game, and classics are imperishable at any age.

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