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Crash games have become very popular among fans of gambling entertainment. They are dynamic, simple and great for those who like to take risks. One of the most popular was Aviatrix crash game from software provider Aviatrix bet, which develops games based on artificial intelligence for iGaming. The game has won the sympathy of gamblers with its improved interface and better winnings mechanics.

Winning the Aviatrix game depends on luck, intuition and the player's reaction. You can win 10,000 times your bet. The game's RTP is 97% and that's very good for a slot of this type.

📅 Release Date: 2022
✅ RTP: 97.0%
🚩 Rate range: 1 to 10 (€/$)
🎰 Provider: Aviatrix

The game is noteworthy if only for the fact that players can fly their aircraft as an NFT. This makes the process even more exciting and profitable. Other benefits of Aviatrix:

  •  rewards for activity and progress;
  • getting NFT without funding your account;
  • Cashback and daily rewards;
  • you do not need to specify the coefficient before the start of the round.
Aviatrix crash game
Aviatrix crash game

How to play Aviatrix

The principle of the game is very simple - set the bet before each round and wait for the plane to take off. Then choose the desired multiplier. The multiplier grows throughout the flight. The bet can be increased by 2, 10 or more, but do not forget about the risk - the plane can explode at any time. If you do not have time to withdraw funds by pressing the "Land" button before the explosion, you will lose your bet.

It is possible to make two bets in a round at once. It is also possible to play Aviatrix in automatic mode. To do this you need:

  • Press the "Auto" button;
  • enter the size of the rate;
  • set the payout ratio for the exit.

The Aviatrix game can be downloaded to a device with any screen size. It depends more on the casino where you will be playing. Aviatrix has a convenient control panel. The playing area is divided into 3 zones:

  • screen with an airplane;
  • statistics;
  • block with two stakes.

This game is great for those who want to make money on the minimum bets. For this purpose, you can set the odds in two bets 1.1 and in a few hours you will see a significant increase in your game account. But even in this case, you should watch the game carefully, as the random number generator produces unexpected results and its actions are impossible to predict.

Aviatrix Crash Game Features

Aviatrix is different from similar games:

  • Using NFT;
  • with advanced functionality;
  • additional chips.

When playing Aviatrix Crash, players see small liners appearing on the left side of the screen. This nuance is the main difference of this entertainment. Gamers can create their own planes, constantly improving them, as well as receive winnings in rounds and accumulate points to participate in the loyalty program.

Auto Cashout

To automatically withdraw money, you must enter the desired odds in the box next to the amount of bets.

Provably Fair

Technology Provably Fair allows each player to check the integrity of the game, by checking the hash code in any online casino.

Aviatrix game limits

The minimum bet in the game Aviatrix - 0.10 USD, the minimum - 10 USD.

Automatic betting system

In the game Aviatrix there is an opportunity to use the automatic betting system, which will save the player from having to select the bet to achieve the winnings. To do this, press the "Auto" button, under one or the other bet. For example, if you set the bet to 2.5, then as soon as the plane reaches this mark, the bet will close.

Aviatrix features
Aviatrix features

Aviatrix Play for free

Everyone can test the slot for free by playing Aviatrix Demo. This will help to understand the mechanism of the game and determine whether it is worth the investment. To run the demo, click on the "Demo" button on the casino website. It will then load in your browser and you can start playing without making any real money. It is worth noting that in order to get a full experience in the game Aviatrix should replenish your account.

Aviatrix and NFT

With each new level there is an opportunity to improve your flying machine:

  • change the appearance of the aircraft;
  • add items;
  • change functions;
  • to give him a name.

This makes your plane unique and adds interest to the game. At the same time, the rules remain unchanged. Updates will not affect the conditions or increase the chances of winning a particular round. All Aviatrix participants play on a level playing field based on random generation principles.

Your aircraft is an NFT and you can compete against other players with the level of tuning. You can always reconfigure and upgrade your aircraft as needed.

You don't have to create your own plane as an NFT, but by connecting to the blockchain system, you will earn extra points with every wager. The player receives 1 experience point for each euro played. These bonuses can be used in tournaments, which are held almost every day. In other words, by using the NFT features, you will participate in the loyalty program and earn much more.

Special awards for NFT aircraft

Every NFT airplane owner can participate in the daily tournament and receive an Aviatrix bonus. This requires:

  • make at least one bid with an NFT aircraft within a 24-hour period;
  • Wait for the end of the active period of the previous bonus, if there was one.

Each NFT plane has a 25% probability of winning the daily tournament. This depends on the number of bets placed using your NFT in the last 24 hours. The more activity, the higher the odds of winning. Each plane takes part in a drawing once a day. The gamer can participate in the tournament with any number of his NFT planes.

The amount of winnings in daily tournaments is influenced by experience in the game. The top three winners will receive awards for a total amount of 1000 euros. It will be distributed in proportion to the flying experience points.

Play Aviatrix for real money
Play Aviatrix for real money

Play Aviatrix in a casino for real money

The Aviatrix Crash Game is available at a number of top-rated online casinos. These include:

  • Parimatch;
  • Pin-Up;
  • Olimp.

Only players over the age of 21 are allowed to play for money at Aviatrix. In some casinos, over 18 years old.

Aviatrix at Parimatch online casino

Parimatch online casino offers 20% cashback bonus. To get access to the game you only need to register and open a gaming account on the official website or in the Parimatch mobile app. After that:

  • go to the crash game library;
  • find Aviatrix;
  • start the game.

To be able to transform your plane, you need to buy NFT in the in-game store. You can use Parimatch to make deposits and withdrawals:

  • debit and credit bank cards;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • electronic wallets.

Playing with Parimatch Aviatrix, you can easily withdraw your money after confirming your identity and providing the necessary documents. The benefits of playing Aviatrix at Parimatch:

  • reliability of the resource with a guarantee of confidentiality;
  • exclusive gifts and bonuses from the casino;
  • a wide selection of other gambling entertainment;
  • secure payment methods.
Aviatrix in online casinos
Aviatrix in online casinos

Aviatrix at Pin-Up Online Casino

At Pin-Up Casino, you can get a first deposit bonus of up to 120% + 250 FS. Aviatrix game is located on the main control panel of the casino site. Its demo version can be tested even without registration and authorization in the personal cabinet.

To play Pin-Up Aviatrix for money, you need to register. This can be done with a phone number or email. To open a game account is offered by any convenient way - transfer funds from a bank card, e-wallet or transfer from a cryptocurrency exchange. The minimum deposit amount is 5 euros.

Aviatrix can be played in two modes:

  • mainly to fight for the standard prizes;
  • making a double bet - count on double profit, starting from the second bet.

The Pin-Up Casino Loyalty Program offers participation in a daily tournament for a reward of several hundred euros. If a player wins, he receives 700 euros to his Aviatrix game account, which automatically goes into the wallet of your account.

The casino has set daily and monthly limits for withdrawals by new customers. This is due to the fact that Pin-Up follows the rules of money transfers, which are defined by the regulatory authorities of Curacao. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 euros.

Pin-Up Casino is a great platform to play Aviatrix because:

  • has a user-friendly and understandable interface;
  • It is possible to log in from any device, regardless of OS and screen diagonal;
  • New encryption technologies are used to ensure the security and safety of transactions;
  • there is a wide selection of other casino games and slots.

Aviatrix at Olimp Online Casino

Playing at Olimp Casino you have the opportunity to get 5% for cryptocurrency deposits. To register you need to:

  • Visit the official website of Olimp;
  • click the "Create account" button;
  • enter personal information;
  • choose a method of payment.

After that, you will have access to all the games, including Olimp Aviatrix. Replenish your account at Olimp Casino is very easy:

  • go to the Deposit section;
  • choose a suitable method of payment from the possible options;
  • make a deposit;
  • confirm the transfer.

Withdrawal is also easy:

  • go to the "Withdraw" section;
  • choose a convenient payment option;
  • enter the amount you want to withdraw;
  • confirm the operation;
  • Wait for the money to be credited to your account.

Olimp Casino is rich in bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of when you play Aviatrix. The higher your level in the loyalty program, the more impressive the gifts will be.

Aviatrix slot is an exciting and dynamic crashing game suitable for beginners and experienced gamblers alike. Playing Aviatrix will make you have fun and train your reactions.


Is Aviatrix fair game?
What is NFT in Aviatrix?
What are the benefits of Aviatrix?
What is the volatility of the Aviatrix crash game?
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Is Aviatrix fair game?
Yes. All participants in the Aviatrix Crash Game are on equal footing according to the principles of random generation. The game uses Provably Fair technology, which allows each gamer to check compliance by checking the hash code in any online calculator.
What is NFT in Aviatrix?
The NFTs in Aviatrix are planes that can be customized in build mode. The points earned for the game are used for this purpose.
What are the benefits of Aviatrix?
Benefits of Aviatrix:
- better retention mechanics;
- the ability to get an NFT without funding your account;
- payments for activity and progress;
- Improved interface and gameplay;
- daily bonuses and cashback.
What is the volatility of the Aviatrix crash game?
In the middle range.