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Valeria Arkhipova

Browsers that support Flash Player

browsers that support Flash Player

Not so long ago, Adobe stopped downloading Adobe Flash Player on Android, so it is often replaced by other programs for watching videos, such as HTML5. And if you want to install Flash Player on android 4, you will have to look for suitable browsers, because in Playmarket it is simply...

Best free running apps

free running apps

Technology has made a huge difference in our lives, including our sporting activities. Now it's easier than ever to track your progress and see instant results before, during and after your workout. You can play your favorite tunes to listen to while you run, and at the same time...

The best quote apps for iOS

The best quote apps for iOS

All of us sometimes need words of encouragement and approval, motivational phrases that can inspire us to move forward, interesting statements that can help us look at our own life as if from the outside. An unusual angle of view, an unfamiliar interpretation that can help us understand and appreciate...

Best mobile games of March 2018

Best mobile games of March 2018

Every month we follow the best new mobile games that are released for iOS and Android. But sometimes developers offer really cool toys. Try to play the best mobile games of March 2018. We've collected them here for you It was one of the...

The new iOS 12 concept - what has changed?

iOS 12 concept

The new concept of iOS 12 from Apple will be officially presented in May, but data have already appeared in the network about what the main changes have touched. For example, it is known that the developers paid special attention to eliminating deficiencies and improving the stability of the mobile operating system....