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Sergey Park

I have been writing reviews of mobile games since 2011. I am actively involved in the development of mobile eSports, commentating on Auto Chess, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile matches. If I like a game, I like it for a long time and study it thoroughly. And share my thoughts with everyone!

The best smartphones for Wild Rift in 2021

Our editorial staff actively plays Wild Rift (here are the game tips and meta), and RIOT Games, in turn, try to make the game as accessible as possible to potential users, not forgetting the advertising. For example, at the final stage of the Continental...

Mini Football - this is what mobile soccer has come to

Remember when a proper full-fledged soccer game with different modes and uncut gameplay used to come out on mobile devices? But then EA Sports turned the game into a donation factory that makes millions of dollars every year, mostly due to the presence of official licenses from FIFA. Therefore.

Battle Legion: Fighting "wall-to-wall"?

Battle Legion guide: tactics and the best formations in the game

Our editorial staff has been playing Battle Legion for a week now - so far we like the game very much, but there are some points to which we would like to draw the developers' attention. In a nutshell, it's a "wall-to-wall" simulator, where you are responsible for your own team's composition...

Eternium Review - Another Mobile Diabloide

Eternium Review - Another Mobile Diabloide

While waiting for mobile Diablo, we want to brighten our time with something similar. Not so long ago we discovered a game called Eternium, and it is, in the opinion of our editorial team, another bearable Diablo. With its peculiarities, of course (of course), but in a mobile game they...