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Oleg Tsegelnik

Hello! I am the founder of Apps4Life. It started as a hobby, but turned into a great and useful project that helps people get acquainted with the digital world of mobile games, add-ons, webservices and crypto-industry.

Applications used by Jaanika Merilo

Janika Merilo

The apps I use, maybe there will be something interesting. What are your favorites? Apart from messengers (8 different ones), cab apps (3 different ones), food and grocery ordering service (3 each) and news (min 3) I use for example these apps. Waze I drive everywhere with Waze (level...

Ways to effectively manage working time

Often the main obstacle to effective work is the lack of time - but in most cases it is the banal inability to manage it properly. Often this problem is especially acute in remote work, which is popular among programmers - for example, frontend...