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Oleg Tsegelnik

Hello! I am the founder of Apps4Life. It started as a hobby, but turned into a great and useful project that helps people get acquainted with the digital world of mobile games, add-ons, webservices and crypto-industry.

5 reasons to install eSIM

More and more mobile operators in Ukraine offer the service of connecting to eSim tariffs. If you compare the conditions and quality of communication, the best choice is Kyivstar, which offers three tariffs for its users. However, not all customers are aware of the benefits of such cards. О...

Surveillance cameras in the apartment: a whim or a vital necessity

Surveillance cameras in apartments: a fad or a vital necessity Almost everyone has noticed that surveillance cameras are installed in private houses, stores, shopping centers, offices. That is why you should also think about installing such a useful device in a city apartment. A wide range of surveillance cameras is offered by the service...