Sakura blossoms by Paper by 53

Arts by Paper by 53

Here's Saturday's selection of great images drawn in the app Paper by 53 for the iPad. Some pictures are really admirable.1. The Heartpaper by 53 heart2. eaglepaper by 53 eagle3. World War I tankpaper by 53 tanks4. Landscape. Sunset.paper by 53 landscape5. Portrait. Gordon Freeman?paper by 53 portrait6. A street somewhere in Hollandpaper by 53 homes7. Still Life.paper by 53 still life8. It's a SEAL.paper by 53 cats9. Morning in the villagePaper by 53 Morning in the Country10. This is also a SEAL, but a tiger.paper by 53 tiger11. ladybugpaper by 53 ladybug12. still lifepaper by 53 still life of cup and spoon13. Taming the dragonpaper by 53 dragon14. Instagram iconpaper by 53 instagram15. Sakurapaper by 53 wood

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