Apps4Life - updated to the "Double Strike" version

Apps4Life - updated to the "Double Strike" version

The project has undergone another update - the "Double Impact" version

Tonight, we finally moved the updated design and functionality of the updated Apps4Life from the test server. I'm glad. It became much more comfortable, pleasant and useful. I want to tell you about all the functionality, which has changed, although you'll see a lot without me.

What's new?

Most importantly, on Apps4Life you can now find our recommendations for apps and games, divided into the most popular topics. Now, in order to find or choose an app/game, just go to and select the desired application, then read how to use it, perhaps ask questions. It's the same with Games. There will always be able to find 3-4 new games worthy of attention, as well as a large number of separate sections on each game genre.

Separately, I made games and applications created in Ukraine. Let's support our own!

Applications - home page

This is what the main one looks like for the best iOS apps we've picked up for readers on each topic.

If any topics are missing - write, we'll fix it.

Apps4Life - updated to the "Double Strike" version

Games - second home page

Games of all genres in one place. Now there is no need to look for the coolest games, we will help you with this. We ourselves are constantly researching, testing and playing games, so we recommend only proven cool games.

Again, what is missing? Write, comment.

And yes, these rankings will change. As soon as a decent new game comes out, it will take its place on the list, and the old stuff will be irrevocably lost. Let it be so! 🙂

Apps4Life - updated to the "Double Strike" version

Evaluation of an app or game

In addition to the change home page and the design of the project, we have added our evaluation of the game. So that without reading the article, it was immediately clear how much we recommend this game or app.

For example, our assessment for the game Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Apps4Life - updated to the "Double Strike" version

Do you like it?


We could talk about it for a long time, but it's better to see it. It has become more airy, more modern.

You've probably noticed that there are several colors used on the site. We have deliberately made this division, for convenience and to understand which section you are in now. Yellow - applications, red - games or blue - other sections.

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