Apple news #8 - one-line news for the week

This week Apple patented some pretty interesting stuff: a blood pressure sensor for Apple Watch and a sensitive touch on the side edges, replacing the mechanical buttons. They invited Oprah, it's not clear why, but obviously not for nothing. She banned mining cryptocurrency on her iPhones and collecting contacts, and even more so, sharing them through third-party apps.

- Apple patents blood pressure sensor

- Apple Music has a new section with future releases. You can find out which albums will appear in the near future and subscribe to them.

- The Apple Watch will get buttons that won't move. Instead, the watch will mimic pressing with vibration, as on the iPhone 7 and 8, Fast Company reports.

- Apple Music in iOS 12 allows you to find a song by its lyrics

- Face ID will be much faster in new iPhones

- Apple banned cryptocurrency mining on its devices. Removed such applications from the App Store.

- The use of neural networks allowed Google to improve the quality of Google Translate translations. Now the application works more accurately and conveys the meaning of the text better, even when using the offline version.

- During WWDC, Apple released revised guidelines for App Store developers. Creating databases and sharing collected contact information without additional permission is now prohibited.

- The alpha version of Telegram X for iOS features a Passport section where you can store personal documents.

- Fortnite reached unbelievable heights, announcing the other day that the game has 125 million registered players. To celebrate this, the developers decided to hold a Fortnite World Cup with a prize pool of $100 million. Fortnite is a mobile survival game.

- Apple will add a security feature to the iPhone software that will prevent law enforcement officers from accessing their content with tools like GrayKey

- Apple has provided standing desks for all employees. Z is a concern.

- According to Cult of Mac, Apple is negotiating to finally open the first official Apple Store in Israel.

- According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple still has high hopes for LCD displays, doubting the feasibility of installing OLED matrices in all iPhones.

- Hollywood Reporter reports that Apple has hired Oprah Winfrey herself. Recall that Apple is now heavily involved in the production of its own series and is assembling a team of top-notch showrunners, actors, directors, and other useful individuals.

- Apple could get rid of the physical side buttons for the foreseeable future. A new patent application from the company describes that the next generations of iPhones could get touch-sensitive edges on the body, allowing all the functions of the mechanical buttons to be transferred to them.

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