AppleNews - Apple news in one line #4

This week's news was quite curious. Three new colors were announced for the youngest iPhone model, Apple Glass was announced, Apple Music is catching up with Spotify, a new iOS beta for developers was released, and most importantly, Apple Pay is working in Ukraine. The rest of the news in one line.

- Apple is preparing a HomePod for $199 under the Beats brand

- Developers have asked Apple to give users the opportunity to try apps before buying them

- Apple transferred to Ireland's account the first €1.5 billion of underpaid taxes

- Xiaomi continues to take over the world: the company has overtaken Samsung and for the first time entered the top 3 in smartphone sales.

- Rumor. Apple Glass will be out in 2021

- Apple sold 600,000 HomePods in the first quarter

- iOS 11.4 beta 6 for developers is out

- Google launches YouTube Music, a service similar to Spotify and Apple Music

- Apple Pay is working in Ukraine

- Apple is going to build another campus

- Group calls may appear in Telegram

- The 2018 iPhones are expected to come with 18-watt USB-C power adapters for fast charging, writes CgargerLab.

- Apple continues to build up its fleet of unmanned cars

- The iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5″ displays are recognized as the best in the industry

- Apple Music has 50 million users. Spotify has 75 million.

- Analyst Gene Munster is confident that the U.S. company Apple will sell about 440 million devices in two years.

- Apple made more money last quarter than Amazon did in a lifetime

- Apple is rumored to be developing a biometric sensor to replace Face ID

- Google has rebranded its cloud service. It is now called Google One.

- iOS 11.4 beta 5 for developers is out

- The iPhone (the youngest model) with an LCD display may come in three new colors: yellow, blue and pink.

- Apple is blamed for the plane crash. Relatives of the victims of the 2016 EgyptAir plane crash believe that the crash was caused by overheating of one of the pilots' iOS devices.

- Tim Cook got a commendation from an old man whose life was saved by an Apple Watch (and it's not an Apple Watch nativka)

- Venture capitalist and former Facebook employee Kamat Palihapitiya said in an interview for CNBC that Apple knows how to make good money, but has stopped moving technology forward.

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