Apple Watch saved an 18-year-old girl

Diane Rectenwold was attending church when her Apple Watch reported an excessively high resting heart rate. 190 beats per minute. At this rate of heart rate, you should seek immediate medical attention.

After the incident, Diana's mother, Stacy Rectenwold, who worked as a nurse, took her to a nearby clinic, where she was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease. No other symptoms were present, making the diagnosis particularly surprising.

Apple Watch saved an 18-year-old girl

Later, the victim's mother wrote a letter to Apple:

"If the Apple Watch hadn't reported my daughter's elevated heart rate, we wouldn't have known about her kidney problems. Honestly, I think your watch saved Diana's life. I will be forever grateful to you for creating such a great life-saving device."

Tim Cook personally responded to the letter and thanked Stacy for sharing her story.

This is not the first time the Apple smart watch has saved people's lives. In the past, it has already saved the life of kitesurfer John Cilpas, as well as prevented a young guy Scott Killian from dying of a heart attack.

It was also recently reported that the Apple Watch detects the presence of diabetes with 85% probability. Moreover, they have a high probability of detecting other diseases such as apnea and hypertension.


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