Apple Watch: buy or not?

Here is a list of functions that can only be performed on the Apple Watch

The closer the release date Apple WatchThe more people talk about them. Many people need a phone. Many people need a computer. However, like the iPad, the watch is an additional accessory, and therefore it is very difficult to determine whether you need it or not. Let's think about that. Apple Watch depends on how important their functions are in your life. Many of these features are available on the iPhone as well, but in Apple Watch they are much more convenient to use. Here is a list of functions that can only be performed on the Apple Watch.TimingIt happens a lot: you give up the clock because your iPhone has a big clock right on the lock screen. However, Apple Watch convenient in every way. When you want to know the time, you do not need to bury your head in bags and briefcases, looking all over the room: you just raise your hand and turn your hand. The display lights up and you get the time and date.Besides the usual functions, the watch also includes alarm systems, a stopwatch, shows the weather, sunrises and sunsets, activity levels, moon phases, scheduled events and stock prices.Notifications and informationAny iPhone running iOS 8 has interactive notifications. В Apple Watch such notifications can come directly to your wrist, sending you a faint nudge, with the display not lighting up until you unfold the brush. And even then you only get an introduction with the name of the application and a short snippet of context. From there, it's up to you to close or view the notification.In addition, the Apple Watch you can easily transfer functions to your iPhone if you feel they are better to work with on the big screen.Health & FitnessApple Watch offers truly unique personal workout options, many of which are simply not available on the iPhone, such as a heart rate monitor. There's also the Activity app, which shows you how much you've moved, exercised and even rested throughout the day, the Workout app, which helps with cardio exercises, and the Fitness app, which lets you keep track of your goals and achievements.ConnectAs with the iPhone, the Apple Watch there is built-in Siri. Just raise your wrist and say, "Hello, Siri. If someone calls, you can answer the call directly from your wrist, or you can divert it to your iPhone. You can also program quick responses to any messages that allow you to not take your phone out of your pocket at all.Remote controlApple Watch allows you to control your Apple TV. The watch also lets you remotely access your iPhone camera, and with Siri and HomeKit integration, you can even program any automatic home device you have in your home.The possibilities are endless: you can open and close doors, turn lights on and off, turn your living room into a movie theater or game room, turn appliances on, and more, right from your wrist.Summary So, if you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s; if you put up with the functionality of your iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and don't want the extra features; if you don't tolerate any items on your wrist or just prefer to wait and see - a smart watch is definitely not right for you Apple Watch. And if you like the functionality of your iPhone, but want to fill in the gaps, or use new features like a heart rate controller, or you just want a device that makes everything easier and more comfortable, you should try Apple Watch. Also, if sports are important to you, if you have automatic systems in your home, or if you want to be more informed, you should again look at Apple Watch.(Via)

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