Apple unveiled a humpbacked iPhone case

Apple unveiled a humpbacked iPhone case - with charging

Apple will now start releasing cases with extra charge

In the network appeared photos that confirm the information that before the end of the year Apple was planning to release a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS and XS Max. This data was found by Appleosophy resource.

The photos are part of the Apple Premium Reseller Accessories Merchandising Guide document, which clearly shows the "black leather" boxes for the iPhone XS and XS Max contain a Smart Battery Case. At the same time, the document is signed "Fall 2018."

Previously, cases with built-in battery were available for the iPhone 6 and 7. From the images, you can see that the cases differ from the previous ones, only in the location of the cutout for the camera. As in previous versions, there is a characteristic "hump". In addition, the document shows other cases released for the new models, which have already gone on sale. So hopefully before the end of this year we will see new Apple Smart Battery Cases.

It is worth noting that the company did not release cases with built-in battery for the iPhone X and 8. This caused a wave of dissatisfaction among users, who did not have enough battery power until the end of the day.

What's going on with Apple chargers

It remains unclear why the accessory is located in the "leather" cell, when previously the battery iPhone cases were made only of silicone. Nevertheless, the new device has not yet reached the stores. The AirPower wireless charger, the release of which was announced back in September 2017, has not reached the shelves either. Then Bloomberg reported that due to design difficulties, Apple postponed the release of the charger to June 2018, then the date was moved to September. As a result, there is still no AirPower with the ability to charge multiple devices at once. As there is no reliable information when the new wireless device will appear in stores.

There are several versions of why AirPower has not been released and whether it will be released at all:

  • Due to the thin case and the number of coils inside the device, the charger overheats a lot;
  • It is also said that the whole problem is the speed of charge;
  • Firmware failure. When multiple devices, iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPod are on charge, the real-time progress bar on the smartphone disappears.

This is probably only speculation by "experts", because there is still no official comment from Apple on the progress of the wireless charging AirPower.

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