Android for Work by Google: Tools for Business

Google held a press conference in San Francisco to unveil a new product

A press conference was held in San Francisco where the company Google presented Android for Work. It is a set of technologies that allows corporations to provide their employees Android'As Project Manager Rajen Shet pointed out, Android for Work - is a very complex product. Its development and support has not only been Googlebut also a number of other organizations. Program Android for Work has always been available to a limited number of organizations, but very soon everyone will be able to access it. The developers promise that the platform will be very flexible, for example, companies will be able to decide which applications their employees can use and which they cannot.1Applications from the user's work profile will be marked with an icon, and will work like others, except that their work will be controlled by corporate IT departments.The basic idea Android for Work is that employees will be able to use both applications developed for regular users and corporate programs on a single device. The user's personal data is kept separate from the work data. Google hope to convince large corporations that there is no risk in using devices based on Android. A number of applications for corporate users from Google, there will be an open store Google Play for Work and ensured tool compatibility Android for Work with more or less older smartphones and tablets. It is worth noting that Android Lollipop is initially compatible with Android for Work.3Among the partners Google Citrix, SAP, Motorola, Cisco, Samsung, HP, NTS, Lenovo, Adobe, Concur, and Salesforce. They have access to the service's API and can now share personal and work information in their applications.In the near future Google plans to increase the volume of Android-devices in corporations, and in the long term wants to introduce Android in all areas of business.

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