How to Play Traitor in Among Us - Full Guide with 99 Tips

Among Us - Guide to Playing as an Imposter, Traitor, and Assassin

AMONG US, although it came out a couple of years ago, continues to make waves on AppStore and among kahool players from all over the world. As in the usual mafia, you can get lucky and start the game as an assassin, aka traitor, aka imposer. So this wonderful guide on how to play as a traitor in Among Us or imposter will be a godsend for you. In 99% you will be able to win.

And don't forget to read Guide for the PeacefulTo behave correctly in the game themselves and not to make mistakes where you can not make mistakes.

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Guide: how to play as a traitor/imposter and a hundred more tips


Pretend to perform the task, so you do not arouse the suspicion of the other players, imitating the task remember about their timings, so as not to smell, take for those tasks that are available to several members of the crew. Perform tasks that do not fill the overall progress bar, do not walk around the rooms without a whole room deprived of tasks.


Don't kill everyone indiscriminately. Only coldly calculate. It is better to start with the more experienced players, leaving the newcomers for last. Remove players who in one way or another have already proved their innocence. Close doors before killing a crew member. Do not commit a kill if you have not been seen with the victim together long before. Don't forget to make sure there is no video surveillance before attacking. Ideally, learn all the places with and without cameras. The light on the active camera will flash red. After a kill, immediately hide in the ventilation grate. If other players have seen you leave or enter through the vent, you're screwed. So I strongly recommend that you remember all the exit points and their blind spots. In the vent rollback on the kill stops. The same goes for sabotage. Remember this. Don't report a dead body immediately after a kill. Wait a while. Even better if you let the players find your victims themselves.


Sabotage after an assassination is a great way to create a distraction. And a great way to buy time to roll back the next kill. Also, sabotage is good for isolating victims or breaking up the crew into groups. But don't show up too quickly at the scene of the sabotage, as that is also very suspicious.


Don't be silent during voting, it's suspicious. Keep it short, quick and to the point, without spamming. Refrain from making false accusations in the style of "he's a killer infa hundred. This is suspicious. Act a sense of bewilderment, just as other players do. Occasionally express your suspicions about the other player.

If you are accused, find rational excuses for your actions. Use retaliatory accusation to clear yourself of suspicion. Don't try to prove the innocence of other players, it will work against you. Excessive voting activity is also fraught with consequences. Try to gain credibility by taking joint actions with your crew and voting against the innocent.

What to do when disclosed

When you have been exposed and there are several traitors, report an accomplice by framing a peaceful player. Do not defend a traitor whose guilt has been proven conclusively and irrevocably. Create panic and mistrust by sabotaging the closing of doors in a room with people.

Don't forget that you can delay the report by sabotage. Also. okuldavni after pressing the emergency button. Do not neglect the administrative room to track down the victims. In the finale, spit on decency and blame previously suspected comrades or don't vote at all. Sabotage after the fourth player is eliminated can be considered almost guaranteed - a win in the pocket.

Professional tips on playing as a traitor/assassin

Who to eliminate first

And first of all, you need to decide which target to eliminate first. And here, in fact, everything is quite easy. Remember, most notably eliminate those players whose innocence was proven in the process of the visual quest. Second The candidates for departure are the guys who suspect you, but we'll talk more about that. And here's the most last You need to eliminate those players who are suspected civilians, because they are essentially your lifeline, your reserve fund.

As for eliminating those people who suspect you, there are pros and cons. On the one hand, if there are few of them, and you have quietly eliminated them, nothing bad will happen, but on the other hand, if the community focuses on the fact that people who voted against you are disappearing, you will very quickly be found out.

Therefore, the tactic of eliminating people who suspect you is sufficiently tough and dangerous, and in the future I will talk about another more interesting tactic that allows you to avoid this aggression. Another category of players to eliminate most notably are witnesses. Witnesses who caught you murdering or saw you, climbing or crawling into a vent.

What is to be done with those who suspect

A method of rubbing trust. Don't be a lone wolf, and run around on missions with these people. Believe me, by doing so you can reduce the level of suspicion, or even rub your trust. Do not go alone, and always go with a couple, as peaceful players do.

It would be very cool if it were a player who confirmed his innocence while doing the visual. If there is more than one imposter, a very cool tactic would be to play in pairs. At the same time, one of the imposter does not show himself as a killer, restrains his bloodthirstiness, and performs the task, or rather, imitates them, and the other from time to time commits sabotage eliminating members of the crew.

What's the trick here? The trick is that a peaceful imposter can always justify his colleague by saying that he was on a mission with him. And an even cooler argument would be if you said you saw that imposter doing a visual quest.

A player's "defense."

If you overprotect someone, you will look suspicious, but on the other hand by protecting someone you will earn that player's trust, and that can play into your hands later on. For example, the player won't vote against you.

A Beginner's Tape

Now a word of advice to impostors who have done something wrong in the course of their activities, or who have been confused by questions from crew members. Remember that you always have an opportunity to pass off as a rookie.

Allegedly you did not press the report because you do not know where to press, or you do not know where you were, because you are poorly oriented on the map. It is clear that experienced players are likely to calculate you, but as a lifesaver is always worth using.

The method of the lost sheep

This is when you eliminate a lone player, with many players advising you to crawl into a manhole after the kill, and wait there for the start of the report and voting. But again, this tactic may or may not work. If you know and know how to explain to peaceful players where you were, then okay.

But again, the players may say that you were nowhere to be found after the murder and that means you were the traitor and you were sitting in the hatch. Therefore, if you are already more or less used to the role of an impostor, it is best to crawl into the hatch from the other side and continue imitating the activity.

Bermuda Triangle

For example, there is a so-called Bermuda Triangle between the room security, the medical bay, and the electrical bay. If in one of these rooms there is a lonely individual, we close the doors in this room, crawl in through the hatch, eliminate the victim and get out through another hatch in another room.


And the shield room is generally the number one room by the number of kills of the crew, there were cases that the entire crew died in this room. Too good its location, no cameras, there is a hatch, and there are quests to be performed in this room.

Light Sabotage

The second fairly common tactic is to sabotage the light and kill the first player who came to fix it. But you already know how to proceed, either hide in the hatch or move to another room from the hatch. Moreover, when sabotaging the light it is not necessary to go to the place of repair and eliminate the players there, but just look for the comrades who separated from the group.

Another risky sabotage tactic.

  • The first step you take is sabotage.
  • The second stage you find a single player and eliminate him.
  • The third step is to go to the other peaceful players and together with them eliminate the sabotage.
  • In the fourth step, you lead them to the scene of the murder, and thereby provide yourself with an alibi. The most important thing here is to get away from the crime scene as quickly as possible. Otherwise you risk being seen by other players.

How to behave if you were caught red-handed

And now, a little tip on how to behave if you are caught red-handed. If a player sees you climbing out of a vent, all is not yet lost. Sabotage the communication so he can't press the emergency button and block his path by closing the doors.

During this time, the kill count should roll back and you can eliminate him, and even if the player saw you committing the murders, you can still get away with it. Be the first to report a found body and blame the player who saw you. It is very important to do it first. People tend to believe the first one, and the excuse of the second one is not taken into account. This is a very cool tactic if there are several traitors, because you make life easier for the other traitors, and it works very well when there is no indication who was and who was not a traitor at checkout. In other cases, however, the community will crack you down on your lies and throw you out.

Act like a peaceful player

If you play as an impostor and there are several of you, one of the most interesting tactics is to act as a peace player. And leave all the dirty work to the other impostors. At the very end of the game you can show your teeth, and again, the philosophy of playing as a traitor is that the better you keep your bloodlust in check, the better you play as a traitor, the closer your overall victory will be

CCTV room - don't go there

It's become customary to have a lot of impostors take up space in the surveillance room. It is indeed very convenient and is located in the so-called Bermuda Triangle, where you can safely move between the medical bay, the electrical bay and the surveillance room, where you already know for sure that no one will follow you on cameras, and you can not raise suspicion, allegedly watching other players and calculating impostors.

Except that this tactic has huge disadvantages. First, a lot of professional players already know about it and use it to calculate impostors. Second, the lack of flashing lights on the surveillance cameras will give you away, but that's because you'll be waiting for the kickback, and when you really watch, it doesn't happen.

Double Kill

The cool thing about playing as two impostors is the double-kill, when you eliminate two targets at once. It requires a lot of teamwork between players, but it's worth it.

What's a traitor to do if all players go in groups

Now, to answer the question, what should an impostor do if all players go in groups? It's very simple here! Arrange sabotage light, approach the players who are kept in pairs and eliminate one of them. In the end, since they kept together all the time will think it was the second.

And a better version of this method would be if you also go in pairs. When you commit light sabotage, tell your partner that you went to fix the sabotage, and at the same time you come up to a couple and eliminate one of them. In the end you will have a double alibi.

As for doing the job, I will say the following, Impostors, remember once and for all-never try to perform a visual task, you will be thrown out instantly. And the second tip, perform multi-step tasks in which the progress bar is filled only when the last step is completed.

Killing their own

An impostor can be very good at killing a partner in a crowd and feel fine about it. Again, that's about how to behave if everyone is moving in groups.

This, by the way, has a great effect on others. In the sense that you can avert your eyes from yourself.

Kill those who do the job

And one more piece of advice while you're at it, try to kill those players who are doing tasks. What's the trick here? When you perform a task, there is a minigame that covers the entire view. And the victim simply won't be able to see you.

Killing instead of fixing the lights

Another tactic is to kill instead of fixing the light. The first step is to go to the place where the light is fixed and sabotage it.

The second step is to wait until the first player appears, and eliminate him.

In the third step, when the second player appears you make a report about finding the body and accuse him. The tactic is sneaky, but it works when there are several traitors, or there is no report of who was and who was not a traitor.


Now a word or two about voting. As I said before, it is not necessary to blame someone vehemently, you will arouse suspicion. But being silent isn't an option either. I suggest subtly feeling the atmosphere of the game and accusing only those players who are already suspected, increasing suspicion in their direction. So once in a while, but to express suspicion is possible, especially when the player begins to confuse his statement is generally a great thing.

In general, express your suspicions and all those grains of doubt between crew members. I also recommend against using the words "who?", "where?", "when?", and so on at the vote. Because that's how panicked traitors often behave. And experienced peaceful players know this.

Don't get into an argument

And one more tip that can save you on the vote is the fact that you should not get into an altercation with the person who accuses you he is only one vote, and if you give normal arguments, what you did and what you did, then the other players will not listen to him and will vote as you need. In general, let society decide who is right and who is wrong.

These were medium to high level tips and tactics from professional players on playing as a traitor in the super game Among Us. Each tactic and tip is good for a specific situation, so your own observation, skill and resourcefulness are also important here. And sometimes you really need to play peacefully and quietly, and sometimes you can play hard. If any tips are missing, write in the comments, it will be interesting to read.

Just a reminder that you can read here The guide for a civilian crewmember.

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