American makeup artist tried to trick Face ID on iPhone X with makeup

American makeup artist tried to trick Face ID on iPhone X with makeup

The new iPhone is the new fun: makeup artist James Charles decided to test how much makeup it would take to outsmart Face ID. Attempts to cheat Face ID can be divided into two types. Some experimenters try to fake the owner's face to unlock someone else's smartphone. Others, on the contrary, try to change their face so that the device does not recognize the owner. In this case we are talking about attempts of the second kind.

The gadget could not be fooled by the most aggressive makeup. Four times Charles, as it seemed to him, changed the outlines of his face beyond recognition, but each time the iPhone recognized its owner and unlocked it.

How a makeup artist tried to cheat on the iPhone X

For starters, the 18-year-old makeup artist gave himself an intense eye makeover. The result? IPhone unlocked.

Charles went ahead and painted his eyebrows white, but the smartphone still took the lock off!

Next step: the blogger used false eyelashes. At first Charles thought the phone was hesitant, but no such luck - access was again allowed.

Then the experimenter went to the heavy artillery and applied real makeup: among other things, he put on a wig and changed the contour of the lips. But even here the iPhone was not fooled!

At the end of the experiment, the beauty-blogger confirmed what has been repeatedly confirmed by other test lovers: the owner's photo does not accept Face ID as a real person. So, on the one hand, you can experiment on yourself quite boldly, without fear of losing access to your smartphone. On the other hand, even the most ordinary photos of your face will not help intruders.


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