Almost a Hero: Guide and Tactics

Almost a Hero was released by Bee Square Studios, which previously presented the successful game Run Sheldon. In the latter case, users noted the bright graphics, dynamism and funny characters. Almost a Hero pleased no less, refers to the arcade and role-playing game, where there are traits RPG and clicker. The user will have to collect all the magic rings, to collect a team of heroes and defeat enemies. It will take a lot of time, because the game has more than 20 challenges at 300 levels.

Download Almost a Hero from the AppStore for free.

Almost a Hero: Guide and Tactics


Almost a Hero is designed for Android and iOS, the game is an arcade game with combat missions and a chain of levels. Each level has 10 tasks and one boss, and only after completing all the tasks, you go further. Each level is similar in tasks, but more complex and confusing than the last. Follow these tips:

  • Develop your team of heroes;
  • display enemy attacks;
  • Upgrade and upgrade your own character;
  • Buy new heroes.

Main Characters

Each hero has his own skills, abilities and purpose, but they need to be constantly developed. This is done with skill points. As a result, each character is able to make special attacks and display attacks. When working with heroes, the developers have provided:

  • Getting artifacts that help carry away more gold;
  • Getting bonuses to life, damage;
  • independent development of players.

If the first levels are easy to pass without pumping up the skill, then further it becomes more difficult. So don't forget to develop the magic ring as well, which will require crystals.

Remember that there are three types of heroes: tank, fighter and support. If you don't spend money on improving them, you won't get beyond level 40.

Gameplay video

This is the very beginning of the game, when you have only 1 character, and completely undeveloped. And here's another video, where there are already 5 heroes and 300 level - to make it clear what to strive for in the development of this game.



In the game Almost a Hero, everyone will enjoy the donation, because there are three types of chests to choose from:

  • the first appears once every four hours;
  • The second with artifacts and items can be obtained for 100 crystals;
  • The third with a set of artifacts, skills and gifts is difficult to obtain and is only possible for money.

Crystals you can buy in the store or get for advertising (5 pieces for one video), on average, users can get up to a hundred crystals a day. This will significantly save your wallet, and allow you to use the type of donation in your favor 🙂

Game tips

The tips for playing Almost a Hero are simple. Here's what to do:

  • Complete the daily tasks in each level and defeat the bosses;
  • Collect maximum gold, crystals and artifacts;
  • Upgrade your characters, buy new weapons and new players;
  • Improve the abilities of the magic ring;
  • Buy and open chests;
  • Improve your skills with online purchases or crystals.


It is safe to say that having downloaded the game Almost a Hero, you won't get bored even after a week. Because the enemies are constantly changing, more gold is needed, and the chests are getting harder to collect. And because of the constant updating of your heroes' group, it takes a lot of time to develop them.

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