Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire - game review

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire premiered in Canada not so long ago, and it is already available to download for Android and iOS for free. This role-playing game is similar to the others, but its peculiarity is in different gameplay options and a mass of heroes to choose from. The task of each user is to create a team of heroes, collect valuable items and fight with enemies. Each time you can use different characters, upgrading their equipment, increasing their skills, taking part in PvP battles and fighting the bosses. And if you want, Offline Battle Mode is available.

Download the game Alliance: Heroes of the Spire free of charge and try everything in person.

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire - game review

The goal of the game

To begin, each user must choose a character, and then assemble a team of heroes and travel around the map. Of the features of the game stand out:

  • 19 different sets of the game;
  • more than a hundred characters;
  • realistic design;
  • the ability to pump up your character;
  • masses of bosses;
  • the ability to create alliances and unions;
  • different game modes.

What does your team need to do? It's simple, though not very:

  • travel with the team on the map of your choice;
  • Fight demons, otherworldly forces, and take advice from angels;
  • overcome dungeons and ghost towns;
  • Defeat monsters and bosses, taking their riches;
  • collect important items;
  • Choose the right allies;
  • Upgrade your character;
  • Protect the accumulated achievements.

Gameplay video



Far from always a role-playing game offers a story tied to the five elements, more than ten characters for your team, a variety of weapon options and several battle modes. You can also choose one of several strategies, depending on the battle. And for more immersion in the world of demons and angels, there is a realistic design with new special effects.

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