Ajax - professional alarm system and smart home in one package

A smart security system from a Ukrainian startup is conquering the world. What's so great about it?

With security systems, everything is complicated. There are professional and not so professional, but what is the difference between them? You want to choose your own equipment, set it up and install it - no matter what.

It's trivial to find out what kind of protection is enough for your apartment, house or office, it's already challange! A real "other world" where installers and security companies rule, and you only have to choose between cheaper and more expensive solutions.

Although no, you can still buy some kind of "smart system" and hope that you'll be around when the phone sounds the alarm - they don't take such jokes under guard.

We were lucky with the Ajax security system. We were able to get a good look at how it worked, except we didn't have to disassemble it. We connected, installed and configured it ourselves - right from the iPhone X.

For a month we used it in the office, crossing our fingers that we'll make do with the theory - by the law of meanness they won't get robbed, nothing will catch fire or burst a pipe. We tested the power of the siren on the chief and found out that it is not worth getting addicted to vaping in a room with a fire detector, did not move under the motion detector and soaked the leak sensor with kefir.

As a result, we now know what requirements we (and you) should have for an alarm system. The kind that makes us feel safe.

What is Ajax, how does it work?

Ajax Ajax is a professional security system that protects against burglary, fire and flooding. The devices are wireless, but they do not communicate via Wi-Fi, but via a special protocol Jeweller with a communication range of 2,000 meters without obstacles.

In our case, the signal strength was easily enough to cover all the rooms of the office. The devices run on batteries, and really long - from 2 to 7 years. In addition to the basic features, Ajax can be used to control technology (but you need to buy their relays) and video surveillance can be connected to the system if your cameras support the RTSP protocol.

The Ajax feature is that the system combines the features of two worlds - professional alarm systems and smart home. From the first there is reliability (two channels of communication with the server, backup power to the hub, resistance to jamming and forgery, two-way communication, data encryption), the communication range between the hub and the sensor up to 2000 meters, compliance with specialized standards, the ability to submit to the monitoring of the security company.

And yet you can install and configure the system yourself, it is controlled from your smartphone, there is a flexible notification system, you can access a detailed history of events, you can turn on and off your home appliances and connect to Ajax video surveillance.Ajax But the main distinguishing feature from consumer electronics, so appreciated by users of Apple technology - software updates. Six months ago there was no video surveillance in Ajax, but today this feature is available to all owners of their systems. New hub software is regularly released (by air, set when the system is not armed) and mobile app updates.

Backward compatibility is guaranteed - if some features require new devices, the old devices continue to work properly and solve their problems.

In the event of any emergency, the system will send a notification to your smartphone about the incident, and can itself notify the security service - there is support from companies such as:

  • Delta
  • FT Security

How I defended the office


After receiving a large box of components, I immediately hung all the sensors around the editorial office. Each sensor has a sticker with a QR-code, which must be scanned through a special application to control the entire security system [Download from the App Store].

The principle of Ajax security system is very simple: there is a central hub, which communicates with all the sensors installed via a two-way wireless channel Jeweller, and a wide range of sensors themselves, which can be installed in any room, good thing each comes with not only screws, but also strong 3M scotch tape.

The central hub connects to the Internet via Ethernet (Cable to the router) and via the GSM network. In case the connected sensors are triggered, it notifies the owner of the apartment (or house) of this by means of pop-up messages to the smartphone, SMS messages and phone calls.

I got my hands on almost all the gadgets from Ajax, the list turned out to be impressive:

  • Ajax Hub (central hub)
  • Ajax MotionProtect (motion sensor)
  • Ajax DoorProtect (door/window sensor)
  • Ajax GlassProtect (glass break sensor)
  • Ajax HomeSiren (room siren)
  • Ajax FireProtect (smoke detector)
  • Ajax LeaksProtect (flood detector)
  • Ajax KeyPad (wireless keypad)
  • Ajax SpaceControl (key fob)
  • compatible camcorder

All components are made in the same style and look harmoniously in any interior. Not only that, but each sensor is available in two colors: white or black.

Here's how I set it up:

1. Central Ajax Hub


The heart of the whole Ajax system is a small plastic box, similar to a router, which can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table. The company logo on top of the hub is illuminated in different colors, signaling the status of operation (white - the hub is connected via Ethernet and GSM with a SIM card; green - the hub is connected either via Ethernet or with a SIM card; red - no connection at all).

To register the Ajax Hub in the app on your smartphone, you need to scan the QR code. This code is hidden under the SmartBracket cover, which is equipped with tamper protection. That is, if you open the back cover, a corresponding notification will be sent to your smartphone, saying that somebody touches the device.

Ajax - professional alarm system and smart home in one packageIt's cool that all Ajax sensors have this kind of protection.

A SIM card can be installed in the central hub, so that even if the electricity and home internet goes out, the security system will continue to work fully autonomously (The hub will last 15 hours without external power), while still being able to notify me when sensors are triggered.

Up to 100 different sensors can be connected to the Ajax Hub via a mobile app for comprehensive protection of any room.

2. Ajax MotionProtect motion sensor


This element is an "all-seeing eye" that no human being can slip past. But cats and dogs can - the sensor is immune to triggering on animals weighing up to 20 kg and up to 50 cm tall.

Ajax MotionProtect is capable of detecting motion from up to 12 meters away with its infrared sensor. The viewing angle is 88.5 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically.

I installed this sensor in front of the front door of my office. What is interesting, even if you open the door a little bit and put your hand through, Ajax MotionProtect already sounds the alarm. Of course, you can adjust the sensitivity level in the Ajax mobile app.

Important point: MotionProtect is not recommended to be installed in front of a window or near heaters: rapid temperature changes of an object or direct sunlight can interfere with the proper operation of the infrared sensor. I specifically mount the sensor in front of a window, though, and it has never spotted any movement, even on a sunny day.

But if you do it right, then in rooms with a complex "heat pattern" (the air conditioner is constantly running or the fireplace is getting cold), you're better off with the MotionProtect Plus sensor. It has an additional microwave sensor that insures the thermal sensor when motion is detected.

3. Ajax DoorProtect Door Opening Sensor


This security element consists of two parts, which are mounted next to each other on the door and on the jamb. The principle of operation is based on a magnetic field - when both elements are in close proximity (the door is closed), everything is fine.

Once the door is opened, the elements move away from each other, the magnetic field disappears and this is the reason to alert the owner of a possible intrusion into the room.

In addition to DoorProtect, which registers openings, Ajax has a DoorProtect Plus sensor with an additional shock and tilt sensor: it can be installed on a skylight, a garage segment door or any other structure that can be brute-force attacked by burglars.

4. Ajax GlassProtect glass break sensor


I was even surprised, but this sensor does not need to be mounted on the window pane, will fit in fact any wall premises.

The device is equipped with an electret microphone that picks up a specific combination of sounds up to 9 meters away: low-frequency (impact and crash) and followed by high-frequency (falling shards).

A special algorithm is used to analyze the sound, so that false alarms are excluded. Large range allows you to use this sensor to protect multiple windows at the same time, the complete battery lasts for 7 years of operation.

The sensitivity of the microphone is set in the application.

This sensor has an alternative - CombiProtect. It detects glass breakage and motion detection at the same time.

5. Ajax HomeSiren Room Siren


A serious thing, which almost gave the whole editorial board a heart attack on the first day: despite its small size, this device, when triggered, produces a volume of 81 dB to 105 dB (as configured) and lasts up to 3 minutes.

I put the room on guard and didn't tell anyone about it. The first person to come to the office the next morning was the head manager, and the siren went off just right: I got a notification on my iPhone, and Nikita gained some new gray hair.

Even at medium volume, the siren is loud enough to scare away burglars, attract the attention of neighbors and disperse all animals within a radius of several dozen meters. At maximum, it is uncomfortable to be in the vicinity.

Communication of the hub with the siren, as well as with other Ajax devices, is two-way. It not only gives the command "alarm", and the boozer turns on, but also knows about the battery charge, removal from the mount, loss of communication.

Setting up the siren is as simple as setting up other sensors: you need to open the application and go to the tab of the corresponding device.

Ajax also has the StreetSiren street siren. It is much larger and more powerful - the booster outputs up to 113 dB, has a bright LED frame that flashes red when alarmed, and the ability to connect an external power supply.

6. Ajax FireProtect Smoke Sensor with Temperature Sensor


In case of smoke, temperature rise or dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) this sensor will immediately sound the alarm.

I can say with certainty that FireProtect also reacts to puffs of vapor from a vape, raising the alarm.

The sensor incorporates infrared emitters and photodetectors for timely fire detection, and an additional sensor responds to a sudden temperature rise or reaching 60°C, in the event of a smoke-free combustion.

The sensor works all the time, it doesn't need to be armed. And it is independent of the Ajax security system - even if it is offline, if there is a fire, FireProtect will turn on the siren.

But for notifications to the phone and the simultaneous activation of all fire detectors installed in the room, you will still need a connection to the hub.

There are two versions: a simple FireProtect with smoke and temperature detectors, and an advanced FireProtect Plus with a carbon monoxide sensor, which is slightly more expensive.

7. Ajax LeaksProtect flood detector


A small black washer is enough to put on the floor in the bathroom or near the pipes: in case of a leak, the sensor activates when it comes into contact with water, which will certainly spill over the floor, and sends an alarm signal to the central hub.

The central hub, in turn, immediately sounds the alarm with push notifications, SMS and a call to the owner's smartphone. The delay between triggering the sensor and receiving the notification on the smartphone is about 3 seconds. In case of a leak, the sensor also has an alarm cancellation function.

The anti-flood reacts not only to water: I sprayed it with milk, screen cleaner, kefir, and even sour cream. Each time the device worked flawlessly.

The sensor runs on 2 "pinky" batteries. One pair lasts for 5 years.

8. KeyPad Keypad


It is a touch screen wireless keypad that can be used to control the entire system: arming, partially arming and disarming the object.

The panel is made of pleasant to the touch plastic and is registered in the system also by scanning the QR-code under the back cover. This keypad has several "tricks", one of which is to send a hidden alarm to the security desk, if the burglar forces you to enter the disarm code.

Also with the KeyPad you can arm the room with just one button, and if you enter the pin code to disarm incorrectly several times - the panel is blocked.

There are pictograms on the case, which clearly show the status of the alarm system. The backlight works for 5 seconds, if you do not press anything - the panel goes into standby mode and the backlight goes off.

As with other Ajax devices, it is powered by batteries and lasts for 2 years.

9. SpaceControl key fob


Useful thing - physical remote control of the entire security system. With it you can fully or partially arm the room, deactivate the alarm system and raise the alarm.

Minimalism in design pleases, but the textured icons lack color - without the habit you have to spend time looking for the right one.

I wore the keychain with my keys for several weeks, and I did not find any scuffs or obvious scratches on the case, which shows the high quality of the plastic.

Yes, there were no accidental button presses either. Judging by user feedback, there used to be such a problem, but the new versions of the device have protection - the button needs to be pressed briefly for SpaceControl to accept the command.

The remote works on one flat battery for several years. Such a keychain on a key ring gives +100 to the aura of tranquility, guaranteed.

10. Activecam Video Camera


Ajax does not have its own video camera. But you can connect any video camera that supports the RTSP protocol to the system.

We found one - the wireless video camera has several modes of operation and is equipped with infrared illumination, so even in the dark you can see what is happening at a distance of up to 10 meters.


Activecam can be integrated with cloud surveillance service Trassir Cloudwhich allows you to view video streams of cameras and stores recordings for up to 30 days. You can use the cloud through a browser or by installing the TRASSIR Client application.

For those in doubt, there is the Ajax StarterKit

Ajax devices can be purchased individually or as a StarterKit: a starter kit is enough for a small apartment, it includes a hub, motion and opening sensors, as well as a keychain.

Starter kit - a great way to evaluate all the benefits of Ajax itself, and if you want more, you can buy the necessary sensors and connect to an existing system in a couple of seconds.

How's everything at home? All is quiet.


The main advantage of the Ajax security system is ease of use. There is no need to call specialists, lay cables, change dozens of settings and spend hours studying the instructions.

The devices are quickly installed, the application is not difficult to understand: half an hour, and the house or office is guarded. And it's up to you to decide what it will be - you can rely on the sirens and your quick reaction (And the neighbors), or entrust the response to a security company.

To tell you the truth, I personally imagined just such a system when I heard about "smart home" technologies. Ajax is a pleasant surprise, if you have previously dealt with "classic" alarm systems - where a lot of wires, sensors with a design from the last century, no mobile access to information.

But you have to understand that Ajax can not be part of a Smart Home system. There is no support for ZigBee or Z-Wave protocols, you can not integrate smart devices from other manufacturers, there is no compatibility with Apple HomeKit.

Ajax is a professional security system that reports intrusion, fire or flooding, with additional features such as power management.

WallSwitch relay is designed for this purpose (I was not given it for test). Through the device are connected household appliances, garage doors, house lights or just outlets - you can remotely and when you activate the mode of protection, turn them on and off.


Company representatives say that Smart Home features are a priority for 2018. They plan to add more scenarios, release new devices to control technology. And they will also add an online service for storing the archive of video recordings.

By the way, the company's website has a special section where everyone may offer their idea to improve Ajax. If it is supported by votes of users, the idea is likely to be implemented in one of the updates or will be embodied in a new device.

Learn more about the security system at official website Ajax Systems. Buy Ajax - at the store companies.

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