Age of Magic - Fight in the Name of Magic

Age of Magic - perhaps the best turn-based mobile RPG game

Barbarians or kobolds? Take them both and go to battle!

A mobile turn-based RPG called Age of Magic appeared in 2017, and today it is already recognized as one of the best games in its genre. A nice bonus is download for iOS it is completely free of charge. It is doubly pleasant when you learn that Russian developers are working on Age of Magic - every year the number of CIS titles that conquer the whole world is increasing, and it can not but rejoice.

The game is set in an alternate universe - as always it is about a world that could not withstand the oversaturation of magical flows and was destroyed, and on the material fragments began to manage the demons of darkness. The remaining handful of light mages (barbarians, elves and other fantasy creatures) united in order to try to fight back the forces of evil. We, as the leader of the "Liberator Squad", recruit the really best into our team - the fate of the whole world is at stake!

Age of Magic is densely packed with fantasy stamps and characters in the "I've seen them somewhere" style, seasoned with the traditional mix of Light and Dark, and, of course, stuffed with a huge number of familiar modes from other games. The game is really voluminous, it is not possible to understand it at once - somewhat chaotic (due to the high speed of what is happening on the screen and the variety of gameplay) narration interspersed with a quick tutorial. Some of this may scare away, because in complex games you don't want to understand. But we strongly recommend making an exception for Age of Magic.

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Age of Magic gameplay

The main mode (for all their variety), which will explain to a newcomer what is happening on the screen, is the campaign, and there are, by the way, two of them. The light campaign allows you to find several characters for your team, pump them up with resources earned in battle, gain a level and prepare for the transition to other modes. The campaign is also necessary for the storyline narration - we take command of one elite mage, who is not particularly ceremonious with anyone, and distributes fireballs to everyone. Some of the defeated will ask to join your team, and we will take them without hesitation - there are not many allies in these wastelands, so we will have to settle for "weaklings".

Age of magic heroes

So we recruit a team, pass the campaign, earn valuable experience, coins and loot in the form of artifacts and potions. In the course of the game we put on amulets and rings to hit harder and shoot further, we fill up the cans with potions and pump up the characters. You can't use them during the battle itself, but you can before and after the battle.

Battles in Age of Magic are turn-based - first our team hits, then the remaining enemy forces try to beat us, and so on until someone dies. Each character has three types of attack - basic, advanced and ultimates, which have their own kuldown and roll with each step in battle. During combat, you can choose which target to attack - just click on that enemy. Sometimes battles last 1 round, sometimes several, before the start of the battle you can read the relevant information in the description. You can have a total of 5 characters in your squad, and you cannot use dark characters in the Light campaign and vice versa.

Characters in Age of Magic

All available characters in Age of Magic are divided into classes and factions. Class is the essence of the character, what he will be useful for on the battlefield; faction is his belonging to a species. If you assemble a squad from the same faction, you can use this in battle - a number of characters deal more damage to anyone not from their faction, or heal "their own" better.

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Healers - As the name implies, the main task of these characters is to heal allies on the battlefield. They can heal point-by-point, remove effects and markings, or restore health to all allies. Despite their seeming weakness, some of them can deal good basic damage, as well as effects like miss or poison.

Defenders - Tanged heroes with a lot of health, who can concentrate damage on themselves through provocations. Some can give good buffs, like resistance to magical and physical attacks for a few turns.

Rascals - A specific class that is hard to find an analogue for. They are more like assassins - melee fighters with a small amount of health and huge damage. And they have all sorts of buffs and tags in their arsenal - misses, dodges, skips opponent's moves.

Magi - Can do a lot of damage to enemies with spells, can create protective shields, and cast curses on their opponents. Usually have average health, but can tank damage if necessary (again, with shields).

Close Combat Fighters - versatile soldiers with good attack and defense stats. This doesn't apply to everyone, though - for example, the story's Thaneda can attack a lot and quickly, but he has low health. These things also need to be taken into account when selecting a team.

Arrows - Stand behind the team and strike at a distance. Their low health is compensated for by their good attack power.


They are listed only as Barbarians, Demons, Undead, Dwarves, Kobolds, Dragon People, Beastmen, Ra'archni, Knights, Furry Pygmies, Elves, and Dark Elves.

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Who to rock first

Game modes in Age of Magic

In addition to the Light and Dark campaigns, the following game modes appear when you reach a certain level:

Treasure Valley

The energy used here is not blue, but purple, which takes longer to regenerate than blue. In return, you can get cubes of abilities that allow you to improve the characters' skills. Opens at level 10.


Six types of trials are updated every week, with five levels of difficulty. Opened at level 25.

Healing Power: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday - Healers participate. You can get Magic items.

Marksmanship check: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday - Shooters participate. You can get Skill Cubes.

Defense Game: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday - Defenders participate. You can get Power Items.

Magic duel: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday - Magicians participate. You can get Silver.

Assassins' Guild: Monday, Thursday, Sunday - Rascals participate. You can get Dexterity Items.

Life in battle: Monday, Thursday, Sunday - participate heroes of Near Combat. You can get Experience Potions.

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Opens at level 15 - gather your team and fight with real opponents. It is, of course, pseudo-PvP, that is, the battles are not in real time. Within the Arena available 5 battles, the interval between battles - 5 minutes.


Pretty much the same as Arena, except characters' lives are not restored over time, and battles take place until the last death. Available at level 30.

Dungeon of Horrors

Available from level 40. It is necessary to spend 12 battles, with each additional battle the performance of the enemies increases. Characters' health is restored partially, not completely, which complicates the game mode. You can get Experience, Diamonds and Silver for winning, as well as shards of heroes (if you reach 10-12).

Our Age of Magic guide will be constantly updated, so stay tuned - there's a lot of interesting and useful information ahead!

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