9 ways to use the sound buttons on Android

The sound control buttons on Android can be used for many things, from launching apps to browsing websites

As touch-screen phones continue to evolve, the need for physical buttons is increasingly eliminated. And while they are said to be in danger of extinction for mobile devices, for smartphones on Android The audio control buttons are not just buttons you can use to make the sound louder or quieter. You can use them for many other things, from launching apps to browsing the web.1) Run your favorite apps (Android 4.0+)Using the sound control buttons to launch apps is a great way to save space on your desktop, and to get into your favorite apps without wasting time looking for them.2) Take the device out of standby mode (Android 3.0+)We all know that the power button on the device turns on the screen, bringing the device out of standby mode. The sound control buttons can do the same thing.3) Scroll the pages (Android 4.0+, Root)Scrolling itself is a very simple action, but why not make it even easier. You don't need to change your hand position: just press the sound buttons to scroll up and down through pages and apps.4) Control the music when the screen is off (Android 2.5 - 5.0, Root)You don't need to turn on or unlock your device at all: you can use the audio control buttons to start and scroll through tracks.5) Control the cursor in text files (Android 4.0.3+, Root)Many users of Android devices are aware of the problems with text editing: there are difficulties with positioning the cursor in a certain place of text. Forget about this problem: the sound adjustment buttons help you move the cursor up and down.6) Secretly Write down video (Android 2.3+)You never know when something special will happen in front of your eyes: some unique moments you'd like to capture on video. To avoid getting caught on video, use the sound control buttons to record - and feel like a real spy.7) Block applications (Android 3.0+, Lollipop)When using a PIN or password to lock an app, everyone does the same thing: they type a constant combination of numbers. With this method, it's easy to trace the code just by looking over the shoulder of the device owner. Make it harder for them by using the sound buttons to dial the code.8) Unlock the device (Android 4.0-4.4.4, Root)Agree, unlocking your device bypassing the unlock screen would be much more convenient. In Android, you can set any combination of sound control buttons to unlock your device.9) Quickly turn on the flashlight (Android 4.0+, Root)When you need to turn on the flashlight immediately, the sound control buttons will help you, too. You can use them to turn on the light without having to unlock the device.

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