iPhone secret codes

8 secret codes for iPhone

The iPhone has secret codes that most users do not even know exist. Our spies, as usual, did their best

Secret codes for Apple iPhones that most users don't even know exist. Our spies, as usual, have done their best. Basically, they are about the specifications or features of your phone. All codes are suitable for any Apple phone - iPhone 4,iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus.iPhone secret codes

Secret codes for iPhone

  1. *#06#. Allows you to find out the unique IMEI number of any smartphone, including iPhone. The command will work on any cell phone.
  2. *#21#. Allows you to get information about enabled forwarding - calls, messages and other data. Very convenient if you want to check if someone is spying on you.
  3. *#62#. With this command you can find out to which number incoming calls are forwarded if your iPhone is turned off or out of range.
  4. ##002#. Disables any call forwarding. That way, only you will receive them.
  5. *#30#. Provides information on determining the number of the incoming caller
  6. *#33#. Shows information about blocking outgoing supported services, such as calls, SMS and other data.
  7. *#43#. Displays information about call waiting times.
  8. *3001#12345#*. The so-called "James Bond" menu: there is information about the SIM card and the level of cellular network signal, and there is even a place for indicators of cellular signal reception. All the data, by the way, are promptly updated.

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