Apple Watch Features

8 Apple Watch Features You Need to Know About

From the conference Apple in San Francisco Spring Forward It's been a few days now, and the amount of news and speculation about the innovation, uniqueness, and success of Apple products is increasing. Regardless of the success or failure of the new gadgets AppleThe main novelty of the presentation was the "smart" watch Apple Watch. About 18 hours without recharging, Maximum value of $17,000 and the ability to cancel a call by covering the dial with your hand are not the only things that surprised the company at the presentation. Edition Techcult collected a few facts about Apple's first wearable computer.Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch Features

  1. Those who hoped that the new product would eliminate the need to carry a phone around are in for a disappointment. The Apple Watch is designed to work with a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The gadget does not connect to Android or Windows Phone devices, nor does it receive a signal from an iPod or iPad. iPhone 5 or later versions only.
  2. The watch will have to be charged almost every night, despite all Apple's attempts to extend the daily battery life. It is guaranteed 18 hours of uninterrupted operation. Although, of course, it all depends on what to use the device for. If your purpose is to check the time periodically, the watch can last up to 72 hours without recharging.
  3. Sales of the Apple Watch will begin on April 24 (from April 10 - pre-order). However, Russia is not on the list of countries where the novelty will appear first: more than Russians, residents of the United States, Britain, France, and Japan are lucky.
  4. The Apple Watch uses the inductive method to restore the battery charge. You need a special cord that resembles a charger for electric toothbrushes, but the standard Lightning will not work.
  5. The Apple Watch is equipped with a water-resistant (not to be confused with waterproof) case. The design meets the international standard IPX7, so the device can be submerged in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. The manufacturer, of course, does not advise to make such experiments, but you can not worry about the safety of the watch in case of falling under a downpour.
  6. Although the Apple Watch assumes the use of the iPhone, sometimes you will want to use it separately, for example, while jogging. For that case, the watch has 8GB of internal memory, two of which can be used to store music. The remaining 75% of memory is needed to run the operating system and applications, also 75 MB for photos.
  7. The price range for the Apple Watch ranges from $349 to $17,000. The reason for such a wide range is the variety of the model range. Cupertino tried to take into account the tastes of those who want to own an aluminum piece, as well as luxury lovers who will order an exclusive pink or yellow gold watch with leather inserts for the price of a car.
  8. Dark-skinned users may run out of battery power faster. It is not a matter of racism at all, just that an infrared sensor is used to measure the heart rate, and more power is required to read the data correctly for people with dark skin color. However, the manufacturer itself refrains from commenting on this topic.

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