7 new games for iPhone and iPad that are worth playing

The range of new games for iPhone and iPad pleases with variety

Zombies, monkeys, bridges, what else! The assortment of new games pleases with a variety of themes and genres, so if you're looking for something new - just choose from the list below! Not found your favorite game there? Then tell our readers about your choice in the comments.Alto's AdventureAlto´s-Adventure-Android-IOS-Windows-App-review-gameplay-game-tipps-tricks-cheats-Charakters-hack-02Ready to conquer the slopes? Alto`s Adventure is a snowboarding game that will give you great aesthetic pleasure. Great graphics, great soundtrack, robust controls - this endless rander has something to please you. Download - $1.99.Jolly Jam7 new games for iPhone and iPad that are worth playingOne of the latest innovations from Rovio Stars. The developers from Magic Tavern managed to distinguish Jolly Jam from the mass of other games built on connecting the same elements - now players will simply draw giant squares with their fingers to cover all the identical colors. Download - free of charge.AERENA: Masters Editionss_3da0632fa6a54e0a44e64c584f2e13ce5c98383e.600x338A revamped version of Aerena: Clash of Champions, not a bad and affordable multi-game strategy game that we really liked, but let's face it, never really captured the way cell phone games can. It seems that it was only an exploratory move: the developers of Cliffhanger Productions decided to kill the free version for desktop computers, and switched to a paid model for cell phones. However, users of the former version can continue to play for free. Download - $4.99.World ZombinationWorld-ZombinationA multiplayer zombie game offering over 50 unique units. Allows you to choose which side you will fight on: the last surviving members of humanity or the mobs of horrible zombies? Download - free of charge.iOmaxresdefaultLooking for another puzzle game that will consume you for a long time? Perhaps it's iO, a platformer that takes into account the laws of physics, where objects can change characteristics: enlarge, shrink, rotate, etc. The game was introduced last year and was received to great acclaim, including nominations for various awards. Download - $2.99.Bridges YEAHa4b37cd1069807ee60afc72e406bc5be_screen_512x320An innocent little game temptation. You have to grow a bridge of the right size, then "try it on" over the abyss, and see if you're right. If it is too big, or too small - the game is over, alas. By the way, in practice it is more interesting than it seems. Download - free of charge.AG Drivescreen1136x1136153Seriously, Sony, release Wipeout for cell phones already! Otherwise someone will have to take your place, even if it's quite ambitious. Maybe it will be AG Drive? Keep your fists in the air! Download - $3.99.Translation: Olga Agrba

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