7 new games for iPhone and iPad that are worth trying

Here's another batch of fresh games for iPhone and iPad

Here's another batch of fresh games for iPhone и iPad. They are happy with a variety of themes and genres, so if you have not found an interesting game for yourself in first parts If you have not seen our selection, you can certainly find it here.Swap Heroes 21Second release Swap Heroes... well, you get the idea. The same combination of quest and role-playing game, with new heroes, enemies, and other tricks to please the fans of the first edition, and attract new players. Download $2,99.Regular Show - Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere2Sometimes the sports games of the future can be a cool toy now. Ask Base Wars. Guys in Cartoon Network absolutely agree with this, and therefore created a 3 x 3 tournament of champions of the future with the already familiar characters of the animated series Regular Show in leading roles. Download $2,99.Merchants of Kaidan3Can you start your life with a single card, and work your way to untold riches? Merchants of Kaidan combines elements of monopoly, role-playing games, and an unremarkable storyline, making it unique among other business simulators. Download $5,99.Switch & DropmaxresdefaultYour main task is to rotate the falling blocks to match identical colors. The developers from Unscientific Lab и Chillingo also came up with some unique features that set it apart from all similar toys. Download free of charge.Imps in Tokyoimps-in-tokyo-news-trailerIn this side-scroller you soar through the sky, collecting dreams (and trying to escape nightmares) - and all this against a background of great graphics and an interesting storyline. Download $1,99.Monkey King EscapeMonkey-King-Escape-1Infinite Ranner based on the 16th century Chinese short story "Journey to the West"? Developed by Ubisoft? Sounds rather strange, and obviously does not make your heart beat faster, of course, but as a free test it is quite possible to try. Download free of charge.Moto Joemaxresdefault (1)It looks like an illegitimate child ExciteBike и Super Mario Bros.and, like most such specialized games, has a "launch iPhone into the wall" level of difficulty. As the saying goes - for what you buy, for what you sell. Download free of charge.Translation: Olga Agrba

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