7 minutes workout: a home trainer on the phone

7 minutes workout became a sensation among the international media last year because of its unique seven-minute workout system. But the peculiarity lies not in the duration of the exercise, but in the effectiveness of the home environment and the results of the users.

Download 7 minutes workout on Android и iPhone is free of charge. There is also an application for Windows.

7 minutes workout

7 minutes workout - how it works

If you don't want to waste time in gyms and exercise No more than seven minutes, get awards for achievements and records, train based on the program from the New York Times magazine, then download 7 minutes superhero workout for android you need right now.

The exercises require only a chair, sofa, floor and wall, and the exercises themselves have been selected by experts and their effectiveness has been proven by scientific research. The maximum effect is achieved in seven minutes of training without the help of a trainer or special equipment.

The app itself is designed in game form. Where when you start it, it displays pages with descriptions, records, a box for entering personal data and types of exercises. Each user is given three lives (an internal game for motivation). For one missed exercise, the user loses one heart. If you lose all the lives in a month, the progress is annulled and you have to start the game all over again. To achieve maximum results, you need to practice for at least seven months every day (winning the game over apps and over yourself!)

Motivation with 7 minutes workout

Continuing the theme of connecting the game and the benefits, the developers offered users a motivation:

  • beginner's and athlete's achievements;
  • health gifts;
  • the ability to set training reminders;
  • the use of charts to track results;
  • Synchronization with social networks to communicate with friends;

7 minutes workout guides your workout with illustrations, timers, voice instructions, feedback, and switching between workout or rest. Some of the main benefits of the app include:

  • work offline;
  • Using your own playlist in the background;
  • The possibility of repeating the training course to improve the result;
  • the availability of advice from professionals and trainers in the "Training" option.

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By the way, for those who just want a 7 minute workout routine on their own, share this video:

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