How to check iPhone Internet speed

6 most popular services to check the speed of internets on the iPhone

Check the Internet speed on your iPhone.

Very often the performance of the applications on your iPhone depends directly on the speed of the Internet, and sometimes your work depends on it as well. The Internet has taken over all modern gadgets. Internet speed is almost the most important indicator of Internet quality. Check how fast the Internet on your iPhone is with certain services and applications for checking Internet speed, which we will talk about below.

The Internet began in the distant 1960s, but it spread very quickly. If in 1993 only 1% of information was transmitted remotely, in 2007 - the whole 97%. A little later appeared cellular networks standard 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G. More than 3 billion people use the Internet. You must be one of them. And you sometimes worry about checking the Internet speed on your iPhone: before an important Skype meeting, when you're abroad, when you want to stay in touch with your family, when you change your tariff plan.

Internet speed tests work for all iPhone models, including the newest ones that came out in 2018 - iPhone Xs, iPhone Sx Max and iPhone Xr.

All obscure terms are deciphered at the end of the article.

Ways to check iPhone Internet speed

Downloading files and apps, installing games, video chatting and online conferencing, watching movies and saving music for a new playlist, you're always wondering how much time it's going to take you. The frantic pace of modern life also dictates its own conditions for data transfer speed. In order to avoid delays and downtime, wasted minutes, you should check the connection speed. There are two ways to do this: through online programs or installed applications.

Several conditions must be met before testing to increase the validity of the test.

  1. Make sure that all unnecessary tabs in the browser on your phone are closed.
  2. If other devices are connected to the Internet, disconnect them. This way you will know the speed of the Internet only on the device under test - without the influence of other devices.
  3. Set your ad blocker to inactive and disable all extensions.

Once you have fulfilled the previous conditions, you can proceed directly to the test itself.

Checking Internet speed with Fast

You can find out your incoming speed in the easiest way - through Netflix's Fast online app, just by opening it in your browser. The service will automatically determine the current connection speed of the device and display it in the browser. You need to wait a bit and the service will determine the average speed of your iPhone at the moment. Clicking the button "More info" you can get a little more information: the speed of downloading files, uploading files and ping. It is possible to change some parameters.

Checking Internet speed with Fast

All Internet speeds obtained through 2ip

2ip will tell you not only about the incoming and outgoing speed of the Internet, but also about the server response, download time, the volume of the downloaded file, the quality of the connection. At website you'll find a tip: the Internet speed test should be repeated several times to be more reliable. The test itself is in the "Tests" section, and the results can be shared as a widget on Facebook or VK.

All Internet speeds obtained through 2ip service will easily check your Internet speed

At website You will be offered three options for checking: incoming speed test, outgoing speed test and automatic speed test. Select the one you want and get a detailed answer with data and a graph-curve. You can also go to the tabs "Detailed information", "Explanation of results" and "Share results". Send a screenshot of your test to your friends to compare speeds and find the best provider, for example. service will easily check your Internet speed

Check real-time Internet speed with

Open websiterun the test, and a "live graph" of your connection speed will be drawn before your eyes. You don't need Flash or Java - this test is a product of HTML5. It's one of the most accurate and intelligent services out there. Watch the flowing curves and compare previous results, identify Internet errors, and determine the most comfortable and traffic-intensive usage conditions.

Check real-time Internet speed with

Detailed Internet Speed Test with Speedtest

For a more detailed analysis of Internet speed Use Speedtest.

Speedtest can be used both online on the website and via the application of the same name, by installing it from the Apple Store.

If you are going to check your Internet speed online, go to the website and click "Start". After checking, three indicators will be displayed: response (ping), receive (download), send (upload).

If you don't want to close important tabs in your browser and go to a website, download the app with the same name. This way, it will always be on hand to check your Internet connection speed in case of emergency.

Detailed Internet Speed Test with Speedtest

The interface of the application is simple and concise: in the middle of the screen is the same "Start" button as in the online version. Just below you will see the name of the server, which is determined automatically, and the name of your Internet Service Provider. The application is fast and shows the results at the top of the screen when the test is finished. You will know the Ping, Jitter and packet loss percentage. The application pops up an advertising, which you are offered to remove forever for 26, 99 grn. At the bottom of the screen there are tabs Speed, Result, Coverage and Settings. Be careful: the information about your data may be used by Speedtest, if not against you, then certainly for selfish purposes. In order to disable uncontrolled data collection, go to Settings - Analytics and toggle the toggle switch to the greyed out state.

Speedchecker Speed Test

One of the most convenient and fastest applications for instant Internet speed checks. Positive user reviews suggest installing it on your iPhone. The developer company claims that its product is used by prominent news agencies, ISPs, government and private organizations. Download the app is free, but you will also find in-app purchases - 9.99 UAH per item. After downloading, you will have the following functions available to you:

  • Check incoming and outgoing speeds, as well as ping with one click.
  • Permanent access to the history of all checks. It is saved on your iPhone.
  • Opportunity to share results.

Open the application. By default, the server was selected automatically, you can also set it manually. Press "Start speed test", allow access to the geodata of your iPhone and watch the speed measurement. It will last a few seconds. You'll see: ping, download and upload speed results. Below that, you will see your IP address and the name of your provider. Immediately from that page you can share the result and send it via messenger, email, copy it, open it in another application or post it through social networks. To remove ads you need to buy the full version for 9.99 UAH.

Glossary of terms

When checking Internet speed on your iPhone, you may come across unfamiliar concepts and terms.

  • Download - incoming speed. High speed provides fast file downloads, lightning-fast opening of pages. The higher the speed, the faster you can download the desired application.
  • Upload - The outgoing speed is responsible for the fast publication of a post on social networks and the sending of a voluminous email.
  • Ping - This value determines the time it takes for the data to reach the server from the device. The lower the value, the better the Internet.
  • Jitter - indicates signal instability, i.e. fluctuations in the ping measurement. This indicator is important when talking over Skype, when the dialogue with the interlocutor is at the same pace, or when watching a streaming video on YouTube.
  • IP address - is an address that is assigned to each device that uses the Internet. It is necessary for proper data transfer.

All of the above methods are good for checking the Internet speed of both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Choose the most convenient service or application for yourself and control the speed of your Internet connection, be the master of your life, learn to manage your time.


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