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The 6 best apps to prepare for the 2019 ZNO

Get into the best universities with the help of apps to prepare for the FPE

Such a knowledge test as ZNO is very important for school graduates. Admission to universities depends on its results. Most applicants are admitted to universities based on the results of this test. Only some of them may take advantage of the right to be interviewed. Therefore a matter of paramount importance for all 11th graders is preparation for the upcoming PEN. Everyone prepares as they can. Someone goes to a tutor, someone buys special methodical printed materials, some even compose a rap to memorize the correct accent of words, and there are those who use handy apps to prepare for the FCE.



Install the app My FEE You can use it completely free of charge, just like you can use it.

This application was created by Infopulse Ukraine with the support of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. It provides an opportunity for FCE participants to receive information about the schedule and conduct of tests, evaluation results, which will be sent to your iPhone. In order to start using the application you should have your certificate number and PIN-code, which are issued by the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment after you register for ZEN.

With the My Zno app you will be able to:

  • check the status of your registration using your card number;
  • log in to your personal account;
  • View news articles related to MST information;
  • be aware of the time and place of the testing;
  • transfer the CCS schedule to your iPhone;
  • to be constantly aware of future tests thanks to the automatic reminder;
  • to know all your results;
  • View information about the past two years of the MLE results.

ZNO Accentuate!

ZNO Accentuate!

For owners of iOS devices, the app ZNO Accentuate! will cost $0.99

Appendix ZNO Accentuate! will be an indispensable aid in preparing for the MST. It contains useful materials on the topic "Nagolos", which will necessarily be present in the test. Remembering the correct accent in a huge number of Ukrainian words is not an easy task, which can be easily solved by the app ZNO Accentuate!

Why the Accentuate Zno! app is essential for any graduate:

  • In the first part of the PEN in the Ukrainian language there are always tasks for determining the correct accent in commonly used words;
  • for general literacy it is necessary to know this rule;
  • It is very important to know accents in professional activities - journalism, teaching.

Play the game "Shaleni nagolosi" in the application to test your knowledge level. Put the intended accent and get the right answer. You will always be able to look at the pronunciation dictionary, which is in the upper right corner.

There is a funny reindeer on the logo of the application. It can be regarded as a personal insult if you do not know the rules of "taxation", but in fact this character calls to finally solve the eternal question: "Oleni or Oleni?

Zdem ZNO

Zdem ZNO

By downloading the app Zdem ZNOYou will be able to get free training in most subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, geography, English, history of Ukraine, mathematics, Ukrainian literature, Ukrainian language. You will have access not only to theoretical materials, but also to practice tests after studying the topics.

Structure of the ZDAM application

  • On the main page you'll see icons for all the items in the app. Choose the one you need to prepare for.
  • Each subject contains sections such as: a theory book, study tests, basic dates and terms, formulas, dictionaries, tables, pictures, and other presentation material.
  • Going to the necessary section, you will discover a lot of useful information, organized by topic.
  • Each subsection has a search bar to speed up the learning process.

Zdem ZNO

In general, the application is very concise, but at the same time capacious in content. It is completely free, which often results in annoying ads that distract from learning new things. Appendix Zdem ZNO will be useful to any schoolchildren and adults as a collection of basic facts on all possible disciplines, which you can refer to at any time. Here you will find information about the structure of the heart and endangered plant species, pictures of architectural monuments and biographies and portraits of famous Ukrainian figures, English-Russian and spelling dictionaries, geographical atlases and formulas for physics and chemistry.



The app with the laconic name ZNO You get it for free if you download it to your iPhone from the official Apple store.

Although its popularity is not as high as the previous ones, it contains a lot of useful information for applicants. Fresh positive reviews on iTunes show that some graduates have already started using it and are quite happy with it. At the moment it contains materials to prepare for the English, mathematics, and Ukrainian exams.

The benefits of the EQ app:

  • Its content is a collection of tests ZNO previous years.
  • It's completely free, with no built-in hidden purchases or requests for financial gratitude.
  • You don't need the Internet to take the tests.

There is nothing better than preparing from the test materials that were presented last year. The 2019 tests will probably be very similar to the previous ones.

Prometheus - Online Courses

Prometheus - Online Courses

Enclosed. Prometheus There are separate specialized courses for direct preparation for the FCE in mathematics, physics, chemistry, Ukrainian language and literature, English.

The general courses "History of Ukraine", "Modern History of Ukraine", "How to Join the Most Western Universities", "Philosophy", "Natural History", "Let's Learn", "English Language" will also be useful for applicants.

Prometheus - Online Courses

How the Prometheus - Online Courses application works

  • "Find Courses" - a list of all the courses that have already ended or are just coming up. Important topics such as Financial Management, Fundamentals of Web Development, Fighting Corruption, and Entrepreneurship will be available to you absolutely free of charge. Video lectures are recorded by professors from different universities, specially invited interesting guests.
  • The "My Courses" section will contain all the courses you've enrolled in. Each course contains study materials, a discussion section, handouts, and announcements regarding course information.



Appendix Mova is created for all those who wish to improve their knowledge and mastery of the Ukrainian language, which in the last few years has reached an absolute level of importance and statehood.

"Mova is the DNA of the nation" - this statement you will see immediately after launching the application. There will also be sections "Library", "Exercises", and "Last Rule". The library consists of subsections: "Phraseology", "Spelling", "Antisyllables", "Synonyms", "Paronyms", "Emphasis", "Quotes", "For Children" and "Other".

All the information is explained briefly, interestingly and clearly, accompanied by clear examples in the pictures, depicting Lepetun - the main character, helper and guide to the world of literary Ukrainian. It is a great help to memorize even the most difficult rules. Plus, you can share rule cards on social networks and open up the secrets of the language to others. Do your part for the education of the whole nation.


To gain access to the "Exercises" section, you will need to complete a simple registration. After confirming your registration, complete the fascinating exercises in the form of quizzes and test your knowledge. Every wrong answer will be corrected by Lepetun, who will kindly explain the error and show you which answer is correct and why.

In the upper left corner in the drop-down menu you can read about the main character Lepetun and the tasks he sets himself.

Lepetun's tasks

  • to remind you of the basic rules of spelling;
  • to talk about new phrases and synonyms;
  • to teach how to accentuate words correctly;
  • to help get rid of russisms.

Earn "smacolics" for answering correctly, registering, and visiting the app.

Don't delay in registering for the test, which ends on March 25. You have some time to prepare now. Try out your skills to see what you're missing. Use our selection of the best apps to prepare for the test to fill in all your gaps and improve your chances of getting into a prestigious university.

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Enjoy it while we're good)))))

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