55 Telegram directories for posting your channels for free

55 Telegram directories for posting your channels for free

You have decided to create a Telegram channel. You've decided on a topic you're interested in, a format. Maybe even made a content plan for a few weeks in advance, but probably not 🙂 And you've probably already made a few posts and invited/added friends, relatives and even pets to your channel forcibly. The channel isn't growing anymore. You try, you write. But there are no or almost no new people. Now is the time to place your channel in Telegram directories. They can be paid, they can be free. I've made a selection of such directories of Telegram channels with free placement to make your life easier.

The topics of directories can be different. Some create men's or women's channels, others by subject: sports, movies, books, or advertising. Try to choose catalogs of your subject, then there is a better chance that you will be seen and pay attention and sign up.

Another important pitch is the advertising message. The message should clearly and understandably convey the essence of the channel and be understandable. Practice on your loved ones - whether the message makes sense to them what the channel is about. There is another way - provocative messages, so-called "clickbait" messages, which attract the subscriber with their emotionality and hype. For example: Go to the XXX channel and subscribe. Every day we raffle off 1 bitcoin among subscribers! (it's not true, but many will fall for it).

55 Telegram directories for posting your channels for free

  1. @Maestro_Group
  2. @catalog5
  3. @bigcatalog
  4. @Gruppa
  5. @channels_sng
  6. @changramm
  7. @Serious_catalog
  8. @catalog_deti
  9. @womanschannels
  10. @BazukaTG
  11. @BestChannels_TG
  12. @tchannelsru
  13. @Channels_TG
  14. @catalog_channels
  15. @Alltg
  16. @ruscat
  17. @business_catalog
  18. @CatalogRu
  19. @zg_catalog
  20. @KatalogTG
  21. @TTgram
  22. @channelstock
  23. @RUSchannelsTG
  24. @listogram
  25. @Go_popular
  26. @tm_catalog
  27. @Catalogkanalov
  28. @tpublics
  29. @Catalogar
  30. @podbor4u
  31. @RusChannels
  32. @digesttg
  33. @TCatalogue
  34. @First_Catalog
  35. @tgZero
  36. @pr4pr
  37. @vkanale
  38. @TGChanels
  39. @dirtg
  40. @channelsTEL
  41. @cheerful_telegram
  42. @TCatalogus
  43. @channelsplus
  44. @channelrussia
  45. @CatalogTelegram
  46. @botchan
  47. @Top_Kannal
  48. @canalestelegram
  49. @channelstop
  50. @ChannelsTG_MostPopular
  51. @elitechannels
  52. @owlcatalog
  53. @Syndyk
  54. @WorldChannels
  55. @Prcatalog


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I have specially created a Telegram channel with only the best music, subscribe: @DeepRecords - only actual music from all over the world.


Want to make some dough? Go to my Dota 2 betting channel. Stats 5-0!


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Too strong
Give 100 rubles. Hurry up!!!


The top new school songs are waiting for you on our channel, subscribe and do not miss news https://t.me/rapterapy


The top new school songs are waiting for you on our channel, subscribe and do not miss news https://t.me/rapterapycomment image

Dmitry Timoshenko

Folks, a men's channel with beautiful pictures and gifs!
We will discuss interesting topics or news.
Join in!

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Wish fulfillment channel!


Egor Lukyanov

A collection of web design solutions https://t.me/spizdit

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Scientists have proven that 50 percent of knowledge comes from good decisions!
Make the right decision and take part in our social interaction!

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Why sign up?
- Many schemes of earning (from white to black), which step by step painted what to do;
- Learning different types of Internet - earnings;
- Useful articles;
- Books for Entrepreneurs;
- Business ideas and more!

Sign up to change your life together for the better:
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The most beautiful places on Earth
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Author's channel about the development of your site/blog. Everything to do with content, SEO. For the beginner, in simple words.



In this channel I talk about all the difficulties that a trader faces on his way. I talk about how I started my way as a trader, what I did and what mistakes I made. Exclusively author's content.

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Telegram Channel - "Entertaining etymology. (the science of the origin of words and expressions)
Only here you will find out why "Case burned out", where "Being under the Fly" came from,
and what is "Hedonism," etc. From Latin phraseology, to modern memes.
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Black Queen

Power Metal and Metal in all its forms,
Sympho, Goth, Heavy, Thrash, Groove,
Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore.
New releases, daily channel updates.
https://t.me/metallivecomment image


When you want to watch a movie, the question often comes up, "#Whattowatch?" Whattowatch.space service knows the answer! Here you'll find the best selections of movies and TV series on any subject.
https://t.me/wtwspace ?
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Pump your brain!
Every day on the channel a new game. Practice and learn to think fast and original.


meos ay

Strange bans
Here I publish comment image The strange and absurd laws of the world


https://t.me/coupns We'll tell you how to save on online shopping! Sales, promotions, coupons and hacks - it's time to start shopping profitably! Daily picks, reviews and tips. The drawing for $45 has started. comment image easy!

Andrew Schmidt

comment image https://t.me/cheshirechannel

Different kind of MEDIA content for a different kind of audience! My selection for extraordinary people ))

Andrew Schmidt


Different kind of MEDIA content for a different kind of audience! My selection for extraordinary people ))

Ivan Mikhailov

https://t.me/Sticker_boom Stickers every day!

Maxim Zlo

News from the world of PC games. Here will be reported news about hacking denuvo, free game giveaways in digital stores and news about the gaming industry.
Support the channel, everyone is welcome.

Alexei Smurfy

Do you think refunds from aliexpress are dead? Can't get your money back for the product? We can help you refund absolutely any product! Come to the channel @ref4you And earn with us. https://t.me/ref4you

Hira Hirac

https://t.me/cold_weaponcomment image
Each nation was famous for its own type of edged weapons - swords, knives, striking and crushing weapons, which are inherent in certain continents, countries and localities.


⚽If you're passionate about soccer, you're here. And if you're obsessed with soccer, you're already here! https://t.me/Footballbl0g


⚽If you're passionate about soccer, you're here. And if you're obsessed with soccer, you're already here! https://t.me/Footballbl0gcomment image

Alexey Krylov

Top news, high-profile insides, juicy apk, and good software - everything and more about the world of Android.

Serhii Foliush

https://t.me/music24ua Ukrainian music

Andrey Zatsepin

https://t.me/geeksinfo - author's news channel about information technology. A lot of interesting stuff, instructions on how to disable, enable, make things work better

Hoody Doody

https://t.me/randomImusic - a channel with my playlist, I want to share my music that I listen to myself

Alexander Vilyachkin

Information about one of the first ways to promote channels in Telegram - cross-promotion and cross-advertising

Adel Zakirov

Help Daenerys in the war with the Night King and earn real money!

Tina Verde

Hi, subscribe to the cool music channel https://t.me/muzsok

Sssnake MMM

https://t.me/apple_buy A channel for selling used Apple products at the best prices

Anton Veselov

Anton Veselov's school of eloquence
Exercises and techniques used by professional speakers.
Author and radio host Anton Veselov (NTV, RetroFM), author of "Quest training, become a public speaker in 3 weeks," "42 magical exercises for the voice

Julia Bialetskaya

Remote/Distributed Management
I'm Julia Bialetskaya and I've been managing teams and projects in IT for 10+ years. In this channel I write about how to create and manage remote and/or distributed teams and still live the life of your dreams


The most interesting dark goods from aliexpress? https://t.me/darkalinet


@SterjenMAN - Sturgeon is a general education channel about men's lives, hobbies, history and technology and women!


The channel that provides a good mood. A collection of selected memes, art, comics. Regular content updates.


English for Kids | English for Kids
English for the very young. Only children manage to learn so quickly, and we will help with explanatory materials.


Postcards, birthday greetings in verse
The channel of beautiful birthday greeting animated gif cards with rhymes