"The minimum program" for owners of the iPhone Xr: 5 applications that are definitely worth downloading to your smartphone

5 apps that are definitely worth downloading on your smartphone

The iPhone Xr smartphone is a great tool for work and entertainment. It can be used to create and edit text files, watch videos, communicate in popular messengers and perform many other tasks. All of the above functions are available for the mobile device thanks to pre-installed programs, as well as third-party software.

What apps should every owner of the tenth iPhone be sure to download?


One of the most useful applications in the App Store according to iPhone owners and even Apple representatives themselves. The program that allows you to plan every day in detail. Functional service of notes, lists and memos, which can significantly simplify life.

Pros of the app:

  • the possibility of free use;
  • simple and clear interface and competent structuring of the user menu;
  • creation of basic tasks and main subtasks (up to 25 per task);
  • access to team planning.

Download the program on the link available at https://www.moyo.ua/telecommunication/smart/iphone_xr/ iPhone Xr or any other iPhone you can in the official store software for iOS.


A smart password manager that allows you not to keep in your head the information you need to sign in to various programs and services. In the process of creating LastPass, the developers use end-to-end encryption algorithms, so all confidential information in the application is protected from unauthorized actions of intruders.

The program has a smart password generator, as well as the ability to create multiple accounts for different users.


A desktop version of a service designed to recognize music tracks. The program with which cool tracks, accidentally heard in the bus or on the street, easily get into your favorite playlist.

"Shazam" allows you to find out not only the names of popular songs, but also the names of obscure soundtracks from TV series, cartoons, or TV shows.


An application that allows you to read interesting articles and notes at any convenient time, even without access to the Internet. All informative content published on various sites, social networks and programs can be saved in Pocket for further review.


An indispensable program in the age of podcasts. A service that allows you to listen to scientific or entertaining audio shows from your smartphone or any other IOS-based gadget. With Overcast, even owners of smart watches can enjoy podcasts.

Of course, the list of cool apps for the iPhone does not end there. The top programs from different categories can be found with the help of the App Store rating.

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