5 reasons to install eSIM

More and more mobile operators in Ukraine offer the service of connecting to eSim tariffs. If you compare the conditions and quality of communication, the best choice is Kyivstar, which offers three tariffs for its users. However, not all customers are aware of the benefits of such cards. About them we will tell you.

Features of the electronic SIM card

Before you buy a virtual SIM card, it's worth finding out more about what it is and what its features are. In a nutshell, a virtual SIM card is:

  • a small chip measuring 5x5 mm, which is attached to the board of a modern smartphone;
  • You can connect up to five virtual SIM cards of different operators to this chip;
  • it can be used both standalone and paired with a physical sim card;
  • Switching between tariffs or operators is done in the phone settings.

It is worth noting that the chip is installed only in modern models of smartphones. Also, not all mobile network operators are ready to offer the connection tariff for ESIM. One of the leaders in this industry today is rightfully considered a company Kyivstar.

Why connect eSIM

Speaking of reasons to connect an electronic SIM card, it is worth noting the 5 main points:

  1. Better quality of communication - this applies not only to the ability to make phone calls, but also to faster Internet.
  2. More opportunities - you will be able to connect several operators or tariffs on one smartphone, switching between them depending on your location and signal quality.
  3. Smaller size - smartphones with chips for eSIM have a slim body, because the chip for the electronic card is three times smaller than the slot for a classic sim card.
  4. Increased security - the fewer holes and slots, the higher the level of protection against moisture and dust inside the phone.
  5. Quick Search - if your smartphone is stolen, the intruder will not be able to get rid of the SIM card, by which you quickly find your gadget.

The only disadvantage of such a chip is that you will not be able to use all operators simultaneously. Although the developers promise to eliminate this shortcoming in the near future, creating limitless opportunities for users of mobile communications.

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