5 great apps for working women

The modern woman, as a rule, does everything at the same time: and a horse at a gallop, and in the huts burning goes, and one hand cooks borscht, and the other hand turns the millions. To simplify life, we picked up a few applications, with which we offer you to get acquainted.EvernoteService for creating and storing notesEvernoteI really love lists. 2-do lists, planning trips, workouts, for the month, for the year. All of this can be done in EvernoteIt is also possible to add a photo, a map, a chart, a motivating picture.It gives me a special pleasure to cross out the tasks done, and with a sense of accomplishment see how many useful things I did! It is also available for any platform, on any mobile device and on the desktop - that is, it is everywhere with you!Download from the official websiteNike Training ClubYour personal trainerKine_insp.The nicest thing about this app is beautiful women. There are many beautiful women with easy and relaxed movements performing a series of exercises, which will consist of your training.There are no long epistolary descriptions and drawn illustrations. There are short video, But still, the most useful thing about this app is the beautiful women. I have never met a more effective motivation in continuing training.Nike_4Download from the official websiteClueMenstrual trackerClue_1   Clue_2After using this app, my life will never be the same.Girls, you can throw away your calendars with crosses. We live in a time when we women finally have the opportunity to celebrate and Monitor hormonal changes in our bodies by using the application The Reminders feature, which can be configured to notify you, for example, of the beginning of a fertile period, ovulation, or the beginning of PMS! 🙂Download from the official websiteNextFinance ManagerNext_main1Here's what I call app for women. Everything is clear and understandable. It is also clear that you can't buy all the shoes in the world, and you have to keep track of where and where the money comes from.As Alice used to say: "What good is a book if it has no pictures?" This app has pictures! And they are clear. If I am in Ukraine, I count in hryvnia. And there is no speculative exchange rates. The cherry on top of the dessertWhat finally convinced me of the genius of this app is the color of the icons, which shows exactly where we are "overdosing" - the darker color shows the positions on which the most money has been spent.NextNext_2Download from the official websitePocketKeeping useful links "for later"pocket-logo-iconThe future is already here! Pocket - This is an indispensable app for busy women. I do it this way - I urgently need information on a particular issue, and I don't have time to read it right now. You add in Pocket and, when there is time, in a quiet mode, read.Recently, it has become possible to listen to what has been put aside "for later".For  Adroid there is a function "Listen."but for iPhone you need to download the free Lisgo app and synchronize it with your account Pocketto get a list of articles to listen to. There are, of course, questions about the quality of playback, but if the information is very much needed and useful - everything is clear.Pocket_LisgoDownload from the App Store 

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