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5 IFTTT recipes for sharing Instagram images

If you are an advanced, to say the least, led to Instagram user, then this is what you've been missing. IFTTT Instagram recipes will allow you to automate some processes.You've probably heard about the cool app IFTTTwhich does something according to predetermined rules, thus saving you time. For example, when you post a photo to Instagram You can text a friend with the words "Quickly like my new photo. Okay? So let's go over the basics.

Post an Instagram photo to Twitter as a picture

twitterIt's really very convenient for users Twitter. The recipe publishes your Instagram photos in Twitter as an image, not just as a URL.

Save published Instagram photos to Google Drive

Instagram - GoogleDriveA great way to back up and also to share your Instagram images. Create a folder Google Drive and add this recipe in the settings IFTTTto save all added Instagram pictures in Google Drive.

Send a photo to Tumblr

TumblrThat's for geeks. Many of you use Tumblr? If so, then this recipe will automate the process.

Photos posted in Insta - add to Facebook Album

fbOrganize photos into Facebook? There's nothing easier. According to the given recipe, all publications in Instagram will be saved in a pre-prepared folder.

Send Instagram photos to an address via Gmail

gmailFinally, if you want to send publications via GmailFor example, a grandmother or someone who does not use Instagram - this recipe will come in handy.

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