5 main disadvantages of Windows Phone

Today we will talk about the disadvantages of Windows Phone

Today let's talk about the disadvantages of Windows Phone.No applications neededFor example, there is no way to process RAW photos that the Lumia 1020 takes. And the official Instagram client was last updated 11 months ago. The application is still in Beta status, has not got advanced settings for contrast, brightness and saturation, and does not give the opportunity to publish videos. The third-party application 6Tag saves a little, but we can't call it a full-fledged replacement.Microsoft doesn't keep its promisesIt has long been understood that all announced firmware updates - even for the simplest devices - come sometimes even months late. Now the owners of flagship devices, who cannot be the first to experience the Windows 10 Technical Preview for smartphones, are also suffering from expectations.Lack of middle class devicesIn the Windows Phone lineup, the ratio of flagship devices to budget ones is about 10:1. There is no middle class as such: the subflagship Lumia 830 has a good camera and a metal frame, but the device runs on Snapdragon 400. The same level of performance of cheaper devices, for example, Lumia 735. Microsoft has already announced several smartphones under its logo, where they promised minimal differences in both appearance and in the stuffing. But all of them need support, which indicates another disruption in the timing of updates.Slow animationThe entry-level devices have very smooth animations that steal the time the device spends executing commands. However, the fact that there is no difference between the interface speeds of the master and the budget device is very annoying. There is little hope that developers have thought about how to make the transition between screens faster in the first build of Windows 10.A mess of settingsThis problem will also be solved with the release of Windows 10, but for now, users of the "tile" OS for at least another six months will be wandering through the settings menu with items piled into one pile. The developers haven't even thought of sorting them alphabetically. It takes a lot of effort and patience to get to the right menu.

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