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4 free music players for iPhone

Listening to music on the iPhone is not limited to the standard music player, which offers us Apple. There are quite a few apps that provide extra functionality and convenience. We have selected four of the best free players for the iPhone.

Free player for iPhone


It has a user-friendly interface that uses music downloaded to your device using iTunes. There are lots of sorting options, like "most listened to," "favorites," those just added, or other options: by artist, album, or playlist.groove music player    groove music player    groove music player


When listening to music through this application, you will encounter an unusual, unconventional, but intuitive control mechanism. Its interface is minimalistic, but this does not reduce the usability of the player. Rather, it helps you focus on the main thing - listening to music.listen music player    free player for iPhone    free player for iPhone

Cloud Player

Unlike previous applications, Cloud Player is not much different from the standard player. But what is its advantage? As you understood from the name, it can play music from the cloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. With 3G coming soon, this will make listening much easier, and it will also save a lot of space on your phone.cloud player music player    cloud player music player    cloud player music player


Here you won't find any smart lists or DJ-style playback functionality, but a simple music playback application. Navigation through your music library will be in 4 lists: playlists, artists, songs and albums. The control actively uses "swipes" - the movement of fingers on the screen.beat music player    beat music player   beat music player

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