Application 2DO, as an example of a trendy and perfect task manager

Application 2DO, as an example of a trendy and perfect task manager

One of this year's discoveries, as a personal task book, was the iPhone and iPad app, Task Manager 2DO. It makes sense that it will help you manage all your tasks, set priorities, take notes and distribute the workload over the course of the day, week or even years.

It is worth noting that You can download it from the App StoreBut for a certain amount of money. After installing it, you will see that it is worth it. After launching, a large manual with pictures will open, which will allow you to get acquainted with all the features of the application, and simplify further work. As for the appearance, it does not look overloaded or complicated, despite the huge functionality. The main window with tasks is located in the front, and on the sides hangs a calendar, lists and settings.2DO, as an example of a trendy and perfect task manager

Tips for working with the 2Do Task Manager

To make it easier to set goals and priorities, Initially, set up synchronization and backup. This is the first thing you do, even if you don't normally link all your accounts together. It will also allow you to back up all your information, so even if your phone is stolen or broken, you can be sure that the most important things will stay with you.

The second important point can be considered to be setting the "GTD Inbox" functionwhich is initially disabled. The task of the mode is to distribute the importance of tasks after a sufficient number of them have accumulated. Since we can not always immediately determine the importance of a particular activity, we create a folder "inbox", which will be placed all the planned tasks, and in your free time, you can deal with them in turn.

How do I add a new task in 2Do?

In one option, you can click on the "+" sign, and then in the window in front of you will open a lot of parameters, where you can specify a deadline, type of task, goal, list, and you can even attach a picture. In the second option, you can hold the "+" sign for a long time, and then a blank field opens to fill in. Then you spend less time, which is especially necessary when making an urgent to-do list.By the way, it is important to note that 2Do has developed a great app for the iPad. And a big omission is the lack of a web version of the app.2DO for Mac as an example of a trendy and perfect task manager

2Do for Mac

2DO for Mac as an example of a trendy and perfect task manager

Control features in 2Do

The application settings are quite extensive and complex, but there are things that every user can appreciate. We are talking about the ability to set a password for a separate list of tasks, rather than the entire program. It is also possible to put date filtering, then after highlighting certain dates in the calendar, only those scheduled for the given period of time will be displayed. And another advantage is geolocation, when you will receive notifications about the arrival to a certain place and the tasks that are associated with it.Initially it may seem that the management of the application is complicated, but after using and using the instructions, you will understand that You simply can't find a better planner and task manager. And most users note the productivity, versatility and multitasking of the app, especially if you work and sync it with the Apple Watch and Mac.

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