20 reasons why Telegram is the best messenger in 2020

20 reasons why Telegram is the best messenger in 2021

I'm sure there are many of your friends and acquaintances who still communicate in Votsap or Viber simply because they don't want to try anything new. This article is for them. Share it with such acquaintances. Here I will tell you 20 whole reasons why Telegram is the best messenger out there right now.

Why Telegram is the best messenger in 2021

#1 - Available on all platforms

Telegram has an app for every platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Chrome OS. And for everyone else, there is a web version, which can be accessed from any modern browser. Apple smartwatches, Samsung smartwatches and even VR OS-based sufferers are also supported. What's more, you can use all these platforms on an unlimited number of devices and they will all sync perfectly with each other.

In addition, logging in to your new device is very easy. You do not need to scan any QR codes, but the confirmation code comes to Telegram itself. In other words, you can view it from any device on which you have already logged in before.

#2 - Third Party Clients

If for some reason you lack the functionality of the official Telegram clients, you can always use third-party custom clients. In essence, all of them are based on Telegram's source code, but each of them has its own unique features and capabilities. For example, Unigram has a version for xBox One. Bettergram exists for all desktop platforms and allows you to fix up to 50 chats instead of 5. Under the mobile versions you can allocate Getogram - there is a very rich customization option, there is a built-in translator and you can add more than three accounts. The most important thing is that such clients are secure. Their developers do not have access to encryption codes and use special Telegram protocols that guarantee security.

#3 - Security

Security is another reason why, in my opinion, Telegram is the best messenger. You can set up two-factor authorization to access your account, which means that it will be much harder to hack, even if the attacker has access to all the texts that come to your phone. All data transmitted through Telegram and all data already stored on the messenger's servers is encrypted. Telegram, according to the founders, does not give encryption keys to anyone, including government security agencies.

In addition, it is possible to communicate in secret chats. Traffic in them does not go to the Telegram servers, but passes directly between the participants of such chats. Also, in secret chats, you can send messages with a self-destruct timer. To do this, click on the clock icon, and the timer will start, respectively, when the recipient reads the message. Great for exchanging naked bodies with your loved ones). Just perfect.

If something bad happens and you need to erase your correspondence history, you can do it. And you can erase not only your own messages, but also the messages of your interlocutor. As soon as his device connects to the Internet, they disappear as if they were never there.

#4 - Speed and reliability

The messenger is extremely resistant to any kind of blocking and works like a Kalashnikov assault rifle in almost all conditions. Telegram is surprisingly unpretentious about connection quality and works quite well even on 2G (EDGE), and with a good connection the messenger just flies. It is one of the fastest in the world. The stability of operation is a plus for Telegram. In my memory, Telega's servers have only gone down a few times, and not for long. Lately, this has happened a little more often, but it is only an excuse to improve Telegram's operation.

#5 - Convenient and easy to learn

The design of the client is well thought out to the last detail. There are a lot of cool features like archives, folders and swipe controls. The developers add new features almost every month. All interface elements and settings are uncomplicated and unobtrusive. The work with the application is built on the principle of intuitive interaction, so it won't take long for even a new and inexperienced user to get to grips with Telegram, despite the truly gigantic number of features.

#6 - User name

What to do if you want to communicate with a person in a messenger, because it is more convenient, but you do not want to give him your number. Usually it ends up that you still have to give your number, as in the case of Viber or Votsap, but the situation with Telegram is different. This is because Telegram allows you to choose a unique user name, a nickname, which can then be used as contact information, because people will be able to find you in searches. Convenient? Convenient! But is it safe?

I think so, because it allows you not to give out your number to the left and right, and the nickname in case of what changes literally in 2 seconds. By the way, besides, the nickname allows you to mention a user in a big chat even if you don't have his phone number - like this: @nickname. It's really handy!

#7 - Support for multiple accounts

Telegram is one of the few modern messengers that supports multiple accounts in one program. Think of Vyber or Votsapp - they are far behind in this respect. But, there is a logical question, why does one person need several accounts? Sometimes you need it for work, sometimes for other household chores. To separate the endless stream of information from channels and chats and the really important messages. I, for example, have a work account and a personal account, so that one does not overlap with the other.

#8 - No postcards and other spam

If your grandmother regularly sends you greeting cards, you should like this article. So what do you do about it? You can't ban her after all. There is no such spam on Telegram for some reason. Probably because grannies and granddaddies don't spend much time there. The fact remains that no one bothers me in Telegram with useless pictures. Of course, except my friends, who send me memes, but, and the other kind of spam is actively fought by developers, leaving no one unpunished. Usually, by the way, this kind of spam happens in chat rooms, where immediately the people who sent it are blocked forever.

#9 - Bots

The concept of bots appeared long before Telegram, but it was there that it gained crazy popularity and tremendous functionality. Telegram has bots for every taste - bots that find you music, books or movies, banking bots, bots to order food and cabs, bots that translate audio messages into text - that are especially useful. Not least of all, this abundance is due to the fact that anyone can create a bot. Telegram has special builders for this purpose, in which without difficulty or special knowledge, well, almost anyone.

By the way, it would be interesting to read what bots you use. Write about it in the comments.

#10 - Cloudiness

You will never lose the history of your correspondence. Due to the fact that Telegram is a cloud messenger, all data and all messages, except for secret chats, of course, are stored actually in the cloud, on Telegram's servers. It's cloudiness allows Telegram to provide very cool synchronization between all the devices and you not only see the history of all your correspondence, you can start writing a message on one device and finish it on another device.

If you delete the app, buy a new phone, or switch from ios to android or back, all the data, all the messages will be saved. The same Votsapp has a backup, but it works worse - anyone who has tried to switch to a different mobile operating system and restore chat history for Votsapp will tell you this. It's the same story with Viber.

#11 - Telegram as a source of information

There are many channels, both underground and anonymous, as well as quite authoritative and well-known media. There is practically no censorship on Telegram, which is both good and bad. It is good because it is always possible to find truthful information, but on the other hand some news channels without censorship are just plain tinny. So when you consume any information on the Internet, switch on critical thinking and subscribe only to adequate channels. For example, ours @apps4life. We have tons of relevant and unique content on Apple and its apps. You'll love it!

I also recommend checking out our picks to find a channel to your liking: book channelsFor travelersFor athletes and for advertising of the channels themselves.

#12 - Telegram blogging platform

I don't know any easier or faster way to start a blog than using Telegram. You can simply create a channel and post photos, videos, audio content and write texts there. If that's not enough for you and you want your posts to be seen by people on the Internet as pages who don't even use Telegram, then it has its own writing service called 'Telegraph' (Google it and you'll see what I mean). It's completely free. You can use it both separately from the messenger and in conjunction with your channel. In addition, links from Telegraph in Telegram open incredibly quickly. All thanks to the special "Quick View" viewing window, which is as easy to read as possible.

#13 - Pending and silent messages

These are indispensable functions for those people who need to send a message right now, but it seems not good to disturb the interlocutor either. With a long press on the send button, you can send a message without sound. It will appear on your interlocutor's screen, but it won't wake him up if he's sleeping or distract him if he's very busy. You can send a pending message in exactly the same way. You need to press and hold the "Send" button and then select "Send later". Here you can also set the time and date of sending and when you have done everything, a special button in the chat will appear. You can also use it to delete this scheduled message or edit it.

By the way, with the help of deferred messages, you can create reminders and they will come to all devices on which the messenger is installed. This is very convenient. Go to your saved messages and create a pending message for the desired date and time. Voila! Done! And, by the way, when you get a notification, it will have a calendar icon on it, so you know that you're the one who sent the pending message.

#14 - Appearance and customization

Telgram allows you to very finely customize the appearance of the client. It's not limited to changing the background, like in Vyber or Watsapp. Telegram allows you to change the entire appearance, as well as to share themes, create and send them or vice versa, download and install them.

#15 - Instant View

This thing allows Telegram users to instantly view articles from the Internet without advertising or waiting for a download. When you get a link to an article via Telegram, click the "View" button to get it in a convenient, readable and always the same way. Instant view pages like these support all types of text and media, and always look great even if the original site is not optimized for a mobile device. In addition, they are very lightweight and cached on Telegram's servers. Hence, in fact, the name "Quick View" or "Quick View," because it makes them load very, very quickly.

#16 - You can delete or edit messages

You have the option, as I said before, to delete either all or part of the message history. And in their place will not be displayed a message with the text "deleted" - they will simply disappear. You can also edit an earlier message. Yes, the interlocutor will see that they are edited, but will not see the text that was before. Sometimes, this is just an indispensable function.

#17 - Great File Exchange

Telegram does an excellent job of not only transferring but also of storing files virtually endlessly, up to 2 gigabytes. By comparison, in Watsapp, you can send files of up to 16 megabytes at most. In addition, the speed of uploading and downloading from Telegram, as a free service, is simply tremendous and we use it regularly. Especially, we often drop some files in our work chats. It is really cool that they are stored indefinitely, and it is even possible to find the files that were sent years ago.

#18 - Multimedia Source

You can find a whole bunch of different content on Telegram. This can range from original podcasts and music with a Creative Commons license, which does not violate anything, to quite pirated music, movies, shows, or books. The cart can easily be adapted into a music player. There are just a ton of channels with music. You can pour a bunch of your tracks into the messenger itself and listen to them.

The same can be said about movies. There are a number of popular channels where you can watch movies and TV series or even download them to your device.

Add books and audiobooks to that list, and you get a pretty good resource for all kinds of entertainment. Yeah, it's not very legal. We don't encourage piracy. Piracy is very bad. But...

#19 - Photo and Video Editor

Telegram has a full-featured photo and video editor. Few people know that in addition to a bunch of other features, Telegram has a pretty good photo and video processing toolkit. The photo editor has been built into Telegram for quite some time, and you may have even used it. It's a great way to publish some photos in your channels, for example, without spending more time on editing them in other applications. But the video editor was added relatively recently. And here's a short list of things you can do with video:

  • Slice the video to length.
  • Frame to any size.
  • Draw directly on the video or add stickers and text.
  • There are good color correction possibilities, including the help of curves
  • You can save obtained videos in the quality from 240 to 1080p

It's all completely free, with no installation of additional apps, no watermarks, or restrictions. You can edit a photo or video in the messenger and save it on your device to use somewhere else.

#20 - Telegram is rapidly evolving

The developers are constantly tweaking the application and adding lots of small and large features to make it more convenient to use. Telegram never stands still. The developers do not stop at introducing small features. For example, a full-scale launch of video calls is planned very soon - the only function that has not been available in Telegram until now for some reason.

Some have this feature already available in beta. In tests, it was compared to FaceTime and those who tested it were pleasantly surprised. The stability and quality of the call was no worse than FaceTime. Yes, perhaps this is due to the fact that Telegram's servers are not yet as busy as other services. But, let's not forget that this feature is still in "Beta" status and it may well improve.

Be sure to send this video to people who for one reason or another are still not using Telegram, and write in the comments exactly how you use Telegram. Maybe we've missed some important features or cool tricks. In general, let's share some useful things in the comments, like interesting bots, channels, and so on.

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