iPhone tips

16 super-useful iPhone tips

These tips are recommended for the latest iOS 8.2 firmware and partially work on iOS 7 or even iOS6

These iPhone tips are recommended for the latest iOS 8.2 firmware and partially work on iOS 7+ or even iOS6+

Tips for iPhone

  1. By default, the iPhone is set to a numeric 4-digit password. But you can also set alphabetic password. To do this, go to Settings -> Basic -> Password protection. Set the "Simple password" switch to the inactive position, and you can set any password, consisting of both letters and numbers.iPhone tips
  2. You have a personal assistant SIRI:Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface is an iOS question and answer system. It can read an email for you, recommend restaurants, tweet and Facebook. By the way, it already understands Russian
  3. You can view message sending time in iMessages by simply dragging the message from right to left.
  4. Want to know How many planes are in the sky now right above you? Ask SIRI "How many planes are above me?" or just install the Plane Finder app.
  5. You can erase typed textIf you shake the iPhone (you will see a choice: "Do not apply dialing" or "Cancel").
  6. Using the calendar? Turn your iPhone horizontally and the calendar reveals details by day.
  7. Caps Lock activated by double-clicking on the Shift arrow on the keyboard
  8. Your wife asked you for the 100,500th time to hang your wedding photo on the wall. And, as if by chance again (!?) no level? Compassswipe to the left and your iPhone turns into a level with a slick movement of your hand!
  9. If your iPhone is used by children, Restrict access to install applications.Settings -> Basic -> Restrictions. Disable the "Software Installation" switch.
  10. Want to make sure your photos turn out great? Hold down the camera button and take burst photography. You are guaranteed to find a photo to your liking out of the tons of photos you receive.
  11. As you type, press the dash and hold it down, and you get a choice of whole dash collection.
  12. It is not always convenient to take pictures by pressing the camera button. Use the side volume up button - It takes pictures, too! That way you can hold your phone more level when taking pictures.
  13. Do you want to rent #selphi? - Plug in the headphones! There is a button on the headphones that you can use to take pictures, too.
  14. In the contact list settings you can not only set different ringtones for different contacts, but also different types of vibration.
  15. Do you need to charge your iPhone urgently? airplane modeand it will charge in half the time!
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