25 best mobile offline games on iOS and Android that can be played without internet in 2021

The Best Mobile Offline Games for iOS and Android Phones

The list of the best offline games on iOS and Android includes completely different genres of projects that have won many awards and, of course, users like. We have tried to select the most interesting popular offline games, so that you have something to occupy yourself without the Internet. We are constantly adding to the list as soon as a worthwhile new game is released in 2021. Here's

And yet, if you have to spend time on your phone and there is no internet, then our top offline games without internet will help you. Download these games on the phone in advance, while there is internet, and let them wait for their finest hour, when there is no internet.

The best iPhone and Android games without Internet in 2021



 Download ATOM RPG from the AppStore. 

This game was totally undeservedly overlooked in 2020, so we're making amends in 2021. The game is a kind of Fallout on mobiles - is a post-apocalyptic a game inspired by classic CRPGs: Fallout, Wasteland, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur's Gate. Superbly elaborated story, not bad graphics, voice acting, tons of weapons and quests, and all this variety can be played offline - without internet. The only downside - the game is paid, but the cost does not exceed half a meal at any cafe.

Impossible Space

 Download Impossible Space from the AppStore. 

Action game in the style of the game Archero. You'll have to fight space invaders in an RPG shooter. Explore dozens of planets with hundreds of levels to find your way to your princess through impossibly creepy space. Unlock hundreds of new weapons, get cool abilities to become stronger and deadlier.

One of the best games of its genre - now works without the Internet.

Impossible Space-Offline Game 12+

Top offline games in 2020

Evilibrium: Offline RPG

 Download Evilibrium: Offline RPG from the AppStore. 

For this game is not a pity to pay, interesting story, nice design and in the same style, I liked it, let's swing. For only 3 dollars you get an awesome and interesting game with real character development! God yes they change every time you upgrade your rank and not the same model all 5 stars.

Evilibrium: Offline RPG

Fantasy Island: Sim Adventure - City Simulator

 Download Fantasy Island: Sim Adventure from the AppStore. 

Although I would call it a kingdom simulator, because it has many cities, where each has its own unique buildings, residents and their requirements for recreation. The game is really interesting, and works without internet, and as soon as it appears - it synchronizes data.

Actually, some basics of how it looks can be seen in the video:

AnimA ARPG - almost Diablo

 Download AnimA ARPG from the AppStore. 

The Best Mobile Offline Games for iOS and Android Phones

The developers of Diablo promised to release the game by the end of 2020, but because of the pandemic, I think it will not be soon. And that's why it's possible to pass the time in this game as well. Why? It is very similar to Diablo. Very atmospherically bleak, the same crowds of monsters, the system of randomly generated dungeons and similar font :). You can play 3 heroes: hunter, mage, and melee fighter. There is a tree of skills, a bunch of dungeons, which still need to farm, a lot of loot and, in general, interesting gameplay.

99 dead pirates - clicker with Dark Soul atmosphere

 Download 99 dead pirates From AppStore

The Best Mobile Offline Games for iOS and Android Phones

Funny three-dimensional clicker with Dark Soul atmosphere - dark and gloomy. The graphics are very decent, although it was not developed by a large game group, but a man or two. The game is free, but there are ads, it can be turned off by donating.

Stardew Valley

 Download Stardew Valley From AppStore

A video that does a pretty good job of explaining why they love it so much Stardew Valley.


One of the best "sandboxes. That is, the game - whatever you want to do, under the soft direction of a certain creator, who directs you to perform some tasks. But you can not do them, there is no special need. The game is paid - that's its only downside, but quite often there are discounts - catch. Discounts I usually post on this TG channel.. And briefly about the game itself - you come to the village, in an abandoned house and start to live. Actually this is all you do garden, vegetable garden, neighbors, get acquainted, and there, who knows, maybe get married 🙂 .

List of the best phone games in 2019 for offline

Ninja Arashi is a fighting platformer.

 Download Ninja Arashi From AppStore

Very beautiful and stylish platformer, where you have to play as a ninja named Arashi, suddenly, right? Very similar to Shadow Fight 2 (Guide). In the game you'll chop up tons of enemies to make your way to your son, who has been kidnapped by the evil demon Prochi. Platformer in the best fighting game tradition - punches, combo punches, traps, a huge number of enemies. All this will brighten up your leisure time when there is no internet, but there is electricity, because you will have to charge your phone more than once.

Rogue Wizards is an interesting RPG

 Download Rogue Wizards from the AppStore. 

We have already written about this game, Read the overview and the short guideIt's an RPG where the protagonist has to save the damn world over and over again (actually, not this world, but some kind of fairy tale world). What's good about it? It's addictive. You can go through it several times and not get bored. Why? Because each time you can play with a different hero, different weapons, spells and other stuff. Dungeon maps are generated each time new, so it won't be boring. I really recommend to try it.

And a gameplay video for understanding.

That's all. Of course, the list can not be called complete, there are a huge number of interesting and unique projects, but even these games should suffice in the absence of the Internet on your device. In the comments you can write your favorite games that you play without access to the network.

South Park: The Mobile Destroyer

Almost endless game of collecting characters from the cartoon South Park, their development, dressing up and fighting wall-to-wall.

Tekken Mobile

Fighting offline. Some people think that the best thing invented on the phone for fighting.

Alto Adventures

Civilization VI


Top Mobile Offline Games of 2018 for iPhone and Android

Even though the list was made in 2018, we decided not to create a new one, but just to update the list of games. Of the current games, all remain in place.


BADLAND is a cool plaatformer

 Download BADLAND from the Appstore и for Android   Download BADLAND 2 From the App Store

One of the best games that belongs to the genre of platformers. You will have to take control of funny and very cute creatures who find themselves in a dark and dangerous forest filled with the most terrible monsters and hundreds of traps. The creatures congregate in small groups and roll through the dangerous forest, make lingering jumps and infiltrate hard-to-reach places.

You will control the movements of the little heroes by simply tapping your finger on the screen. At first, the task to deliver your characters to the end of the level will seem too simple, but with time the complexity increases, new enemies appear, the world around comes alive and the gameplay is noticeably transformed. Remember that the wards are not immortal, and can die from contact with the sharp spikes and monsters. The design of the platformer is brilliant, each level is something perfect in terms of color matching, object detailing and animated effects.

Shadow Fight 2 - almost Mortal Kombat

 Download Shadow Fight 2 free for iPhone и for Android

The best fighting game with incredibly steep battles, great 3D picture and a full-fledged storyline. Acting as a skilled fighter you have to go to the world of shadows, where the fighting is not for life but for death. Your main goal will be to save the world and close the Gate of Shadows, to get rid of the fallen fighters once and for all.

Download Shadow Fight 2 for free for iPhone and for Android.

Gameplay is divided into six chapters in each of which the player has to overcome several fighters and fight the bosses. The complexity of the game is off the charts from the start, no one will succumb to you, and only good reaction, and pumped up fighter will help to overcome the enemies. Do not forget to take part in small tournaments, where you increase your rank, earn reputation points and, of course, game currency.

Management in fighting game is implemented in a convenient way: a multiposition virtual joystick and a pair of buttons responsible for hitting hands and feet. Skillfully combining the buttons you get to hold a devastating blow and cause your opponents a lot of damage. After the battles do not forget to go to the menu equipment, where the proceeds can improve the performance of the fighter and buy cool weapon.

Smash Hit - smash items

 Download Smash Hit free from the AppStore и from Google Play

An arcade game for reaction speed and attention with great design, ever-increasing difficulty, and entertaining gameplay. Players are encouraged to throw metal balls at variously shaped glass objects as they progress through the levels.

Download Smash Hit for free from the AppStore and from Google Play.

The gameplay proceeds from the first person, you need to throw balls in the glass figures, trying to break them on the first hit. A successful action will bring you an extra ball, a miss will bring you closer to a loss. The difficulty increases evenly as you progress through the game. At first the elements stand in one place, then they begin to move from side to side, or, in general, chaotically rush around the location.


Collisions with glass obstacles will take 10 balls from you and if there are no balls left in reserve, you will lose and start the game from the last checkpoint. You can also lose if you don't have time to open the doors, destroying all the objects ahead of you. In general, the gameplay is dynamic and suitable for a pleasant pastime, and most importantly it works without internet.

Limbo is a dark and interesting offline platformer.

 Download Limbo for iPhone и for Android

A gloomy, but insanely interesting and challenging platformer that has won many hearts. The game combines arcade and puzzle elements, and its gloomy atmosphere won't let you relax for a minute. According to the plot we are to play for a little boy, who goes to find his sister, who finds herself in a dark world full of monsters. Help the boy not to become another victim and free his beloved sister.

On each level of the game you will stumble across dozens of traps and puzzles, various kinds of mechanisms and, of course, not without dangerous enemies. The protagonist is able to move forward and backward, jump, push and pull objects, no weapons or inventory are provided.

All tasks in the game cannot be completed at the first time, mistakes lead to a fatal outcome, and the player has to start everything from the beginning. Try, look for different options and never stay in one place. The graphic style, the atmosphere and the sounds are what will not let you leave the game and will make you pass it completely.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games is a strange game 🙂 Kill yourself

 Download Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games for iOS и for Android

A casual arcade game with non-trivial gameplay and millions of fans around the world. It is necessary to warn that in the game you are waited by very cruel scenes and non-standard humor, so children this game is not recommended.

Download Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games for iOS and for Android.

The name of the game contains the whole essence of the game. In other words during the whole gameplay you will be observing how the protagonist dies, and sometimes the deaths will be absurd. Unlike the first part of the arcade this one has new levels, characters and even more unusual situations that you will have to face.


The gameplay is divided into several dozen stages, where you have to perform a variety of actions. For example, make a jump, bypassing water, electricity, spikes and other things, move dynamite, which will explode at any moment, get to the finish line first in the death race and much more. The imagination of the developers is rich, you can be sure of that. Any wrong action or focusing on a little thing leads to the instant death of your character.

Designed to match the first part of the arcade series with bright colors, cool animation and well-drawn locations.

The Room: Old Sins - Find all items and secrets

 Download The Room: Old Sins for iPhone и for Android

The fourth installment of the magnificent award-winning quest series "The Room". Players will have to go to an ancient manor, the owners of which disappeared many years ago in an unknown way. Start the game and try to solve all the mysteries of the abandoned mansion solving exciting puzzles.

As in the previous parts, users are waiting for interesting and very complex three-dimensional puzzles to solve which will have to strain all their brains. The developers did not deviate from the general mechanics and idea of the series, so all puzzles are very close to the real life and are solved in similar ways.

The controls will be swipes and gestures, which will allow you to move around the rooms, use items and spin the location 360 degrees. There's no point in talking about this game for a long time, you have to try it and realize that it's the best quest you've ever seen.


FRAMED is a spy game based on the comic book

 Download FRAMED from the AppStore и from Google Play

An unusual puzzle puzzle in interactive comic book format. Play the role of a spy who has stolen a briefcase with valuable papers and items. Don't let the cops catch him, think every move through, always be one step ahead, and luck will smile on you.

Download FRAMED from the AppStore and from Google Play.

The gameplay is in the form of an unusual comic book, where the player can swap tiles, which will depict different objects and characters. Depending on the order set, the passing of the game changes as well. The goal at each stage is simple - to help the hero get to the end of the page. Walls, locked doors, cops with dogs, holes in the floor, all this and more will stand in the way of the protagonist.


The project's design evokes exclusively positive emotions, the developers have managed to create a unique image with cool scenes, smooth animation and well-matched music.

Beholder is an offline spy game

 Download Beholder from the AppStore и from Google Play

Become the manager of a house in a totalitarian state. But it would be too easy if not for one "but", you are a spy who spies on the tenants of the house and hides his involvement in such organizations in every possible way. 

The gameplay is built around bringing order to one of the largest houses in the city. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness, the efficiency of the elevator, to ensure that the tenants are satisfied and do not complain about you. You, in turn, must secretly sneak into their apartments, conduct searches and if you find prohibited items - to seize them and then punish the tenants. 

Install bugs, video cameras, create full reports and send them to your superiors. The most difficult thing is not to sneak into the apartment, but to be unnoticed, the owners may return at any moment and then you will have to hide, cheat, use found objects and in every possible way take suspicion away from your own person. The game is incredibly interesting, yes, it's not free, but it works without internet, and a couple of hours of addictive gameplay are guaranteed.

Monument Valley is a fantastic puzzle game

 Download Monument Valley for iPhone и for Android

A chic puzzle game in one of the fantasy worlds with challenging levels, beautiful graphics and great music. The most important thing in the game is the unusual shape of the buildings, the trickery of vision and the ways of solving the problems, they can really confuse you.

We will play as a young girl named Ida. She is able to move freely on the tiles of the game world, rearrange them, use mechanisms and constantly move forward. Using levers, platforms and buttons you will change the world, which means that the tiles will start to rearrange and being at the bottom, the heroine in a moment can move to the highest point of the location. Staircases can confuse anyone, and the constant rearrangement of buildings will make your might boil over.

The stylistics of the puzzle game stand out against the backdrop of many projects. It is original, fascinating and at the same time insanely difficult. Take a little more time in the game and help Ida cope with all the difficulties.

To be honest, I used to play it a lot when I rode the subway. And back then it still had no Internet. I used to drive through my own station.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - a scary game where you try to escape from Freddy

 Download Five Nights at Freddy's 4 for iPhone и for Androidм

A completely redesigned horror quest starring the beloved and terrifying animatronics. Take on the role of a child trapped in a huge mansion. Your parents have gone away and left you alone in the house, but as it turns out, the animatronics are waiting for the kid at every turn and are ready to set their sharp teeth in motion.

Download Five Nights at Freddy's 4 for iPhone and for Android.

If you have played the first three parts of the quest, you will immediately notice the changes after starting this game. First, the cameras were removed; second, the battery was removed; and third, no breaking tools. Start with the room that has a couple of doors. One leads to a closet with things, and the other allows you to get out into the corridor. If you turn back, there will be a bed with a toy protector waiting for you, but even he is able to attack the baby, be careful.


The game is best played with headphones. The developer decided that players should listen more to all sounds, listen for footsteps, rustles in the neighboring rooms, and make any decisions. In fact, we can turn on a flashlight, or close one of the doors. Periodically, we have to look out into the corridor and shine the flashlight, check the closet and don't forget about the bed. Monsters can appear at any time and then the game is over.

Ultra Sharp - solving logic puzzles

 Download Ultra Sharp free for iPhone и for Android

A new puzzle game for intelligence with elements of physics. The idea of the game is not new, it was partly borrowed from Cut The Rope, but together with the sweets are sharp circular saws, which must break the blue squares installed on the platforms.

Download Ultra Sharp for free for iPhone and for Android.

Our goal is not just to destroy all the squares, but also to collect the stars. The saws are fixed on special cables, which can be cut with a slight movement of the finger, which will allow you to change the direction of their movement and thus cope with the task. The further you go, the more new objects you meet: soap bubbles that lift up the saws, springs that need to be destroyed with sharp discs, various trampolines, objects that stop time and much more.

All control is given to one finger, which will allow you to interact with objects and solve exciting problems. A total of 8 worlds in the game, each of which significantly increased the complexity, added new items and useful hints.

Missed some games without internet? No problem, let me know in the comments and we'll add it!

But only if it's really worth it!

And if for some reason you're tired of playing the game and want to do something else, then I recommend watching movies or TV series. We wrote an article How to download a movie to your iPhoneSo you'll be able to watch from your phone without the Internet.

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