100% walkthrough of GTA: San Andreas

100% walkthrough of GTA: San Andreas

Most recently, we told you about GTA: San Andreas walkthroughAnd for sure many have managed to pass the game to the very end. Agree that it would be nice to pass San Andreas at 100%, completing absolutely all the tasks and the developers passchalks. This would really be something to brag about - 100% passing GTA: San Andreas.

I will say more, the game itself insists on its full passage. After all, with a full 100% passage of the game GTA: SA to the account of the main character will fall round sum - 1 million dollars, the stock of ammunition for weapons will become infinite (and why was it used cheats? 🙂 And cars will drive 2 times faster. And you can also boast about such an Achievement among friends.

A few more words before you see the list. It was very nice to pass GTA SA without any walkthrough lists, but it takes a lot of free time. Now that time is gone, but still some moments remain in the memory and want to go through the game again. I would use a list with 100% walkthrough for one reason only - saving time and nerves. Of course, if you like being a pioneer, exploring the world, exploring, making mistakes, then this article is not for you.

Again, for a comfortable 100% passing game GTA: San Andreas use our guide: How to pass GTA: San Andreas comfortable and dry.

A list of things you need to do to get the most out of GTA: San Andreas

 100% walkthrough of GTA: San Andreas

  • Complete all of the story missions;
  • Complete missions at Zero's RC store (from Air Raid to New Model Army);
  • Complete missions in the machine shop (from Zeroing In to Puncture Wounds);
  • Complete trucker missions in RS Haul;
  • Complete all of the courier's tasks;
  • pass 5 levels as a valet;
  • Complete 7 tasks at the quarry;
  • learn new moves in three gyms;
  • perform a hidden BMX task;
  • win the competition at Mount Chilliad;
  • perform the hidden task of the NRG-500;
  • finish 12 levels on the ambulance;
  • complete 12 levels of policeman;
  • finish the 12 levels of the firefighter;
  • to divorce 50 cab passengers;
  • complete 10 levels of pimping;
  • finish 2 levels of machinist;
  • finish 12 levels in the gun store dash;
  • perform all deliveries on the export/import lists;
  • Graduating from the school of extreme driving;
  • graduate from boating school;
  • to graduate from flight school;
  • graduate from motorcycle school;
  • Buy up all the real estate in Los Santos;
  • to buy up all the real estate in the countryside;
  • to buy up all the real estate in San Fierro;
  • to buy up all the real estate in Las Venturas;
  • win four races at three stadiums in the state;
  • win every race in the state;
  • paint over 100 graffiti in Los Santos;
  • Take 50 photos of San Fierro landmarks;
  • Collect 50 horseshoes in Las Venturas;
  • collect 50 oysters.

Contrary to the mistaken belief to get a hundred percent passing game GTA: San Andreas - you do not need to pass the tasks of a thief, a triathlon and perform unique jumps. Although they will give you nice bonuses that can purely help in the passing.

In general, after getting 100% into the statistics, Carl's account will "drop" a million dollars, his ammo will be infinite, his cars will be twice as powerful, and Hydra (on the roof of Sweet's house) and Rhino (under the bridge) will appear in his home district of Ganton.

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