10 Hidden Functions of the Monobank App by Mikhail Rogalsky

During the two and a half years of monobamk's development, quite a few features have appeared in the app that are not obvious to the user who first downloaded the app. Today I will tell my top 10 of these hidden features for the app bank monobank

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When you're developing an application, especially when you have a lot of customers, it's tempting to add more and more features, because out of 2 million customers, there will always be a few percent, which is tens of thousands of people, who need even the most outlandish or rare feature. And, it would seem, what's wrong with that?

You meet the customer's need, you solve their pains, you help them perform the tasks that they are facing. But on the other side of the scale, the application becomes overloaded, it becomes so much functionality, it becomes so complicated and incomprehensible that it becomes too much for new customers and they decide just not to start working with this application.

That's why we make these features that are used rarely or by a small number of clients, low-key. So that they don't interfere with other clients and don't take away this feeling of simplicity. But, nevertheless, these features are still cool and useful. I think that many of you will be interested in them.

Top 10 hidden features of the monobank app

#10 - copy the card number

On the main screen, if you pull the card to the left, it will appear full screen. You will see its number, expiration date. If you tap on one of the corners of the card, it will turn over and you will see the CVC code. If you tap on the card number and hold it a little longer than usual, the number will be copied to your clipboard. This is handy if you are filling out a form from your phone where you need to enter your card details or you just want to give your card number to a friend or customer.


#9 - card number hint from a long message

The next function is also related to entering the card number, but, now, when you already need to send money to another bank card. Let's say you have been sent a message with a lot of text, the amount to be transferred and the cherished 16 digits to be entered for sending. You can copy all the text of the message, go to the section transferring to the card and you will have as a hint the number of the card to which you need to transfer money. There is no need to select it in the text message or enter the 16 digits by hand - with one tap you click on the card number and then enter the transfer amount. This is much more convenient and faster.

#8 - exchange rates and convenient messenger support

The last item on the tapbar menu at the bottom of the application is called "More". There are a lot of different functions there. For example, you can choose how you will be contacted by the support staff. And also on top there are exchange rates of dollars and euros to hryvnias. And this is understandable. But if you click on any of these exchange rates, a more complete list will open, in which you will see not only the dollar and euro, but also other popular currencies. Also, if you are traveling and it's not a Eurozone country or the U.S., one of these exchange rates will be replaced by the rate of the country you are currently in.

Function #7 - Select a card from a contact

Transferring money to friends, acquaintances, relatives from the contact book even without a fee is The most popular feature of our app. And it turned out so simple, because we started the application with the postulate that each client has only one card - the black card of monobank. And so it wasn't necessary to choose which card to send money to. So sending money was reduced to selecting a contact, entering the amount, and done. When we added to the app the possibility to open additional cards in dollars, euros, zloty or white card, we thought a lot about how to make it so that on the one hand you could send money not only to a black card, on the other hand not to add another step. And that's how this feature came about. If a monobank client has more than 1 card, you can Press your finger on this contact, hold it a little longer and then a drop-down list appears with a list of cards to which you can transfer. You can choose not only a black card, but also a white card or even, for example, a euro card. This brings me to my next fic.


#6 - transfers between cards of different currencies

When the beneficiary card and the sender card are in different currencies you have the option of which currency you want to enter the payment amount. To do this you just need to click on the currency icon on the screen of entering the amount and it will be flipped between the recipient's card or the sender's card. At that, payment will always be made in hryvnia, because that is the only way to make payments in Ukraine. But if you choose currency other than hryvnia, the amount will be recalculated automatically at the rate that the recipient will allow, for example, to buy the necessary amount of currency. 

List of transactions - is a history of everything that happens to your card. There are not only successful transactions, but also transactions that failed for whatever reason. Either there were not enough funds, or the correct pin code was not entered, or a million other reasons that could have caused the transaction to fail. This is also where we send messages when we want to send something from the bank to the customer.

#5 - deleting unsuccessful transaction

Especially for customers who like to delete read emails from their email box and who want to see only successful transactions in their transaction lists, we have made it possible to delete unsuccessful transactions, as well as messages from the bank. To do this, just make a slight swipe to the left, a button "Delete" appears and, thus, you delete this message. This is how deletion works in many lists of the application.

#4 - payment confirmation through

If you have made a payment to someone using the monobank application and the recipient asks you for confirmation. You can go to the details of the transaction, to the statements and you will see the code. You can click to copy it and send it to your recipient, and the recipient just needs to go to, paste this code and get all the information about the payment with confirmation that it has been made.

#3 - transaction search

Search and filter by statement. There is a small magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the statement. If you click on it, a search bar appears. You can type the name of the merchant there and thus find the transaction you forgot about or want to see now. But, sometimes you do not remember the name of the merchant and do not remember who the payment came from. You do remember that there was a payment. There is a filter for this. You can choose a period, you can choose a type, you can choose a merchant category in which you made this payment and thus narrow your search to just 2, 3 transactions, then you will already find what you were looking for.

#2 - Easter Egg by mono

The next feature that appeared very recently, at the beginning of Quarantine, is the Easter Egg game, which will help you just have fun. In order to play the game, you have to pull the discharge down as if you wanted to update it. A cat on a rocket will appear. If you manage to catch the cat, the app will enter space invaders mode and you will fly on the rocket with the cat, dodging meteorites and COVID-19 virus, saving other cats. Have a good game.

This is what it looks like:

#1 - rub your phone to transfer money

The last feature is quite popular, but nevertheless, there are still customers who do not know about it. It is called "Shake to pay". Let's say you need to transfer money to someone who is not in your contact book and is near you. It can be a waiter whom you want to tip not in cash, or a cab driver who doesn't have change for 100 hryvnias or a hairdresser. You can touch him with your phone with the monobank application open, and then you will see him in your application, you can click on his avatar, enter the amount and send the money. Just like that, without exchanging any personal information. I really love this feature and I will give a little announcement, soon it will be used not only for p2p payments.

These were my top 10 hidden features and functions in the monobank app. Write in the comments how many of them you knew and which ones you often use. If you liked this video, subscribe to my channel. There are a lot of interesting things about monobank, as well as about smartass and koto.

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